Higher Consciousness — 5 Ways To Know If You Are Growing Spiritually

It’s easy to say that achieving a higher consciousness is a journey and not an end in itself. However, we seek milestones that assure us tha...

It’s easy to say that achieving a higher consciousness is a journey and not an end in itself. However, we seek milestones that assure us that we are on the right track and making progress.

The same holds true for people that set out to expand their consciousness.

Most often than not, the search towards the higher consciousness follows through cycles of awakening: the search, the depression/ sadness and, finally, the breakthrough — only to then repeat itself.

Awakening often occurs when something triggers a struggle that eventually leads us to a greater understanding of who we are and what our purpose is.

Occurring both in our hearts and souls, they allow us to raise our consciousness and become attuned to it, bringing us closer to the Source.

We insist that expanding your consciousness is — and must remain — a life-long journey, though the main question is: how can you know if you are making any progress?

Here are five signs to see if you have reached Higher Consciousness:

#1 In Hindsight, the ‘Self’ Has Changed, Expanded, or Has Become Unrecognizable

We live in a society where people use labels to identify, categorize, and understand each other. And more often than not, we try to move within the constraints of the ‘self’ all the time.

However, as you journey towards highest peaks of consciousness, you realize that the true ‘self’ is limitless potential, a becoming in within the constructs of infinity.

You can always grow and become a different and better version of yourself, a ‘you’ that can experience the multiverse in different ways with each new awakening.

Look back and if you are enthralled by how much you have grown in these past years, whilst such a small fraction of that ‘self’ has been expressed, then you have grown.

#2 You realize the Truth behind the One

Humanity permeates us all. We are all one, and one is all through us. Hence, your true potential is that you can be, and are every person around you.

This allows you to understand how your energy, or change thereof, sets a ripple effect that moves across the whole planet, all of humanity and life in general.

This allows you to claim and show your love for people you don’t even know: pure strangers can be loved without hesitation and concern.

This also means that you love yourself, as that in itself will affect your love for all.

Look back and if you have begun to love yourself and others more for this reason, then you have grown.

#3 You Overcome Destructive Habits with Hope

This is a corollary of the previous litmus test. Being unconditionally kind, compassionate, and loving towards yourself is directly related to your understanding of your interconnectedness with life around you.

Look back and if you see a pattern of awakening to your destructive habits — whilst working actively and compassionately to overcome them out of love for yourself, — then you have grown.

#4 Others Experience Positivity from You

Expanding your spiritual horizons requires becoming grateful and appreciative of the abundance you have in life as well as the abundance you see others enjoying in their life.

This sustains your self-fulfilling prophecies that attract more abundance towards you, while curbing your ego and negativity towards abundance in others’ life.

This directly affects the positivity that you procreate. As a result, problems and obstacles that used to hold you back get resolve and new truths appear before you, whilst the day-to-day frustrations don’t bother you anymore.

Look back and if you attract more positive, loving, kind, humble and caring people towards you, then you have grown.

#5 You Heal Faster

Rising towards higher consciousness inculcates a forgiving attitude towards yourself and others.

When unconditional compassion becomes integral to your being, then positivity not only flows out to empower others, but also calls for positivity from others to heal you as well.

As a result, you no longer remain in the grips of your ego, and prayer and meditation become your tools of self-healing.

Look back and if you realize that you are able to overcome psychological, emotional, and physical hurt faster, whilst respecting your spirit, mind, and body equally, then you have grown. 

By Helen Elizabeth Williams, DreamcatcherReality.com

About the author: Helen Elizabeth Williams is the owner of DreamcatcherReality.com, where she is a staff writer. Her passions are: spirituality, meditation and polo. She adores all animals, but horses have a special place in her heart. She loves the diversity of our cultures, the beauty of simple people and the harmony of Mother Nature. ♥ You can follow Helen on Facebook.

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