Don’t Lose Hope, Cancer is Curable — Useful Information from a German Alternative Cancer Specialist

Don’t Lose Hope, Cancer Is Curable. by Dr. Adem Gunes I believe there is a cure to every disease, even if the disease we are talking abo...

Don’t Lose Hope, Cancer Is Curable.

by Dr. Adem Gunes

I believe there is a cure to every disease, even if the disease we are talking about is cancer. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, their minds are flooded with a rush of feelings and emotions.

They may feel discouraged because they know nothing about cancer. They may feel confused because they don’t know what treatment suits them.

Others feel frustrated because they don’t know how to find a clinic that will provide the best treatment promptly.

The truth is, none of these feelings are necessary. As a matter of fact, you should remain calm and know it will all be well.

As a doctor, I have spent many years and resources to research and find how natural substances influence the occurrence and treatment of cancer.

With an immense database of scientific data, I shared my skills with other doctors in Germany and most clinics have adopted my hyperthermia protocols as standard procedures for cancer treatment.

With all the data I have gathered, I would like to let you know that CANCER is CURABLE — with the help of nature. I believe in integrative medicine because science proves it works.

Please watch this video for more details on why I think there are no hopeless cancer diagnoses.

Nature vs. Chemo

With classical therapies, whenever a substance is not natural it creates side effects which are also unnatural.

For example, chemotherapy destroys cells, but does not differentiate between tumor cells and good cells within the body.

In Nature, you will not find this kind of therapy. Natural therapies are very selective; for example, there are extracts from black cumin that are effective against pancreatic cancer cells, colon cancer cells, and melanomas which have no side effects. These substances affect tumor cells the same way that chemo affects them.

The difference between conventional and complementary treatments is immense.

Unlike chemotherapy, which negatively impacts healthy tissues, my complementary cancer treatments focus on destroying cancer cells while leaving the healthy tissue untouched.

Boosting the immune system is the basic initial step towards healing a disease like cancer; complementary cancer treatments not only decrease chemotherapy symptoms but, at the same time, work towards eliminating cancer cells.

Currently, statistics show that cancer death rates are on the decline, which shows that cancer is not the death sentence that we perceive it to be.

And our misguided fear of cancer puts us in a stressful state, which in turn negatively impacts our immune systems. It creates a kind of snowball effect which impedes our ability to heal.

A good example, an effective natural treatment is the use of Vitamin B to control melanoma on different patients. Patients with skin cancer can use nicotinamide, which is a form of vitamin B, to control skin cancer or to prevent it.

The study suggests that the majority of skin cancers are caused by ultraviolet rays that damage the DNA of skin cells.

UV radiation also impairs the cancer-fighting ability of the body, draining the energy needed by the skin cells for the repair of damaged DNA and halting the immune system of the skin.

Studies done previously have shown that nicotinamide can boost the energy of skin cells, increasing the DNA repair and also supporting the immune system of the skin.

A Clinical Trial On Vitamin B

Researchers at the University of Sydney have conducted a clinical trial to observe the effects of nicotinamide in skin cancer prevention.

The trial included around 400 high-risk patients who have had at least two non-melanoma skin cancers during the last five years. Their average age was 66 and two thirds were men.

Half of the group was given nicotinamide regularly for one year, and the other half was given a placebo. Both the groups were followed by dermatologists every three months for skin cancer.

During the study, it was found that individuals treated with nicotinamide showed immediate benefits appearing in the first three months.

At the end of the study, researchers found that the rates of new non-melanoma skin cancers were reduced up to 23% in the nicotinamide group compared to the group on placebo.

The vitamin supplement also showed some reduction in the number of thick and scaly skin patches that lead to cancer formation. With nicotinamide, these patches were reduced by 11% at three months and 20% at nine months of therapy.

Researchers have also found that nicotinamide does not cause any adverse effects compared with placebo.

With this research, patients have hope for better treatment through natural means. Other forms of cancer can also be treated with different forms of natural treatments.

What Cancer Patients Should Do

If you are cancer patient, here are a few things that you need to do RIGHT NOW:

  • You need to save time by starting a targeted treatment fast.
  • You need to find a trustworthy treatment center.
  • You need to start boosting your immune system to help your body fight cancer cells.
  • You need to protect your body from ineffective treatments of harmful therapies.
  • And finally, if you are following a conventional treatment, you need to improve its effectiveness without causing ANY damage to the healthy cells.

To cancer patients and families: THERE IS HOPE. CANCER IS CURABLE.

Find more about Natural ways of cancer treatment, or you can contact Dr. Adem for a personal recommendation on your cancer case.

References: cancertutor.com; go.thetruthaboutcancer.com; cancercompass.com

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