Do You Ever Feel Like You Don't Belong Here?

Do you ever feel like a misfit, a renegade or a maverick? Like somehow you don't belong here on this Earth? Join the club! Here at Ope...

Do you ever feel like a misfit, a renegade or a maverick? Like somehow you don't belong here on this Earth? Join the club!

Here at Openhand we connect with evolving people all over the world, and so often we hear from people who feel out of place somehow, have probably always felt that way, and have always struggled to fit in. You tell us you've felt judged, marginalised, penalised and persecuted.

Being in a body feels strangely weird, and you just can't figure out why the world works the way it does. It's like you belong somewhere else or have come from somewhere else. It's probably because you have!

You'll have deep feelings of empathy

Starsouls have come from all across the cosmos to be here at this special time on Earth - which is undergoing a monumental shift from Third to Fifth Density.

It is no doubt a challenging transition, but as a starsoul, it's one which you'll feel strangely familiar with. Whereas others will see the concept as spiritual 'mumbo jumbo', to you, it all makes common sense. It's like falling off a log.
"But that doesn't make being here any easier. First you have this body to contend with, and a density that makes everything seem separate and disconnected. You'll have to struggle for resources whereas the place you know, it all flows freely and fairly.

"You'll have deep feelings of empathy, where you can pick up the emotions or thoughts of others. Sometimes you'll confuse theirs as your own, which can make it so difficult to unravel.

"And working through a mind, instead of direct from the heart, is a challenge too. In this place, all too often, those with the strongest intellect tend to succeed. Whilst excessive emotion is frowned upon and chastised."
Do you experience some of these things? Don't worry, you're not alone!

Is there a masterplan?

So what is the plan of the divine? Why is it you find yourself shipwrecked in this peculiar place, where nothing seems to flow properly and everyone has to fight for their slice of the pie?

Rest assured, there is a 'masterplan' to all of this. There is a deeper reason. (I wrote about it in DIVINICUS: rise of the divine human). It's all to do with helping humanity become a divine child of the universe. Starsouls have been drawn here from all across the cosmos to help initiate the divine spark of multidimensional awareness within humanity.
"But you need a 'space suit' to be here, and you need to empathise with the problem every other human soul (mostly unknowingly) faces — that's why you find yourself stranded in this peculiar bodymind, that somehow doesn't quite work as it should."
You might be challenged in a physical sense, but your ability to resonate and move energy through the field, is deeply profound.

You could be sitting drinking a cup of tea at your favourite teashop, yet all the while, downloading and radiating energy into the field which others (unknowingly) pick-up. Yet they're somehow reminded of their own soul vibration and before long, they're peeling off the veils of illusion.

You just need to have your pain recognised

So you have a profound and invaluable mission here — just being you. That's enough. It's all you have to do. I say 'all' but I know it's not easy. I empathise with you. My heart goes out to you. I recognise your pain. I know that you struggle to fit in and be accepted here.

But you must know that you'll always be accepted by spirit, by your brothers and sisters around the world, and by your soul family, who are drawing close at this very special time.

You don't always need your problems to be fixed do you? You just sometimes need someone to recognise your pain and express it — that you know it's been heard. You know you're cherished and deeply loved. So this one by the superlative Radiohead goes out to you...

by Open, on behalf of Openhand

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