Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, and the Laws of Appreciation and Attraction

Learn how to create self-fulfilling prophecies using the law of appreciation and attraction. The universe is full of mysteries. Over the cen...

Learn how to create self-fulfilling prophecies using the law of appreciation and attraction.

The universe is full of mysteries. Over the centuries, people have tried to unravel them by delving into themselves, or taking a personal spiritual journey to discover the hidden wonders and gain wisdom.

Whereas others have delved outwards, using science and language to reflect on the mysteries and gain knowledge about the working of the universe.

However, as we know, science and engineering both have their limits set by what the human mind is willing to perceive as factual and so does not cater to laws that are observed only intuitively.

The famous inventor Nikola Tesla understood these shortcomings when he said:
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."
So, today, we will introduce you to three mystical and powerful laws. These are:

  1.  Law of Appreciation
  2.  Law of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
  3.  Law of Attraction

The Law of Appreciation

All of us have experienced this in our lives: that appreciation builds, expands, and eventually happily spills into every area of our lives. Appreciation creates harmony whereas lack of appreciation simply directs us inwards towards self-consciousness, self-depreciation, and eventually self-abandonment and destruction.

In simple words, the Law of Appreciation is this: appreciation is an attractive force; indifference, and depreciation of what you have is a repulsive force.

So, the question is, how grateful are you for what you have in life?

Let’s rephrase that: “Do you know what you should be and can be grateful for in your life?”

Generally, most of us have allowed ourselves to be so consumed by daily events and we forget to realize, acknowledge, and appreciate the things that we should be grateful for.

As a result, we often miss the positive things in our lives, allowing negativity to cloud our thoughts and perceptions.

However, by being grateful for something, and by showing our appreciation for what we have, we open up the space where we experience it in abundance. We feel content and happy with what we have, and hence become synced with the abundance the universe has to offer.

Hence, the more you appreciate something, the more you will start to have of it.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Your beliefs and perceptions about yourself and the world around you, create your reality.

Sociologists call this the Pygmalion Effect, and have discovered how our regular perception, imagination, and hopes not just impact, but also create our future.

Think of all the things you say and communicate about yourself and about your life either directly to yourself or indirectly with the people around you.

These thoughts affect your behavior and how others perceive you, which in turn causes them to respond to you in a certain manner, which in turn reinforces your belief about yourself, your present life, and future.

This insight is summated under the Law of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy — that the simple expectation of events or behavior that you want to materialize, can actually cause them to happen!

Although it will not be true at that time, nor come to materialize immediately, your beliefs initiate the processes and create the opportunities that make your beliefs come true.

Hence, your beliefs, when consistently communicated, become self-fulfilling prophecies.

BUT REMEMBER, self-fulfilling prophecies work both ways.

Positive beliefs will initiate and create a positive reality, whereas beliefs stemming from a negative mind will cause your life to revolve around negative events.

The Law of Attraction

According to the law of self-fulfilling prophecies, your thoughts and beliefs about yourself are already creating your future. Hence, just by rethinking the stories you are telling yourself about yourself, you can directly affect your future.

The Law of Appreciation, on the other hand, informs us of the simplest method of breaking out of the cycle of negative thoughts and consequent actions: start appreciating the small stuff in life.

What happens when you combine both? Answer: The Law of Attraction.

This is the law that states that when you direct your thoughts towards anything positive and constructive, you tap into the unlimited positive energy present in the universe.

And that when those thoughts are not cluttered or drained by wandering and negative thoughts, they become focused, powerful, and capable of attracting the goodness you seek in life.

By Helen E. Williams, Dreamcatcher Reality

About the author: Helen Elizabeth Williams is the owner of DreamcatcherReality.com, where she is a staff writer. Her passions are: spirituality, meditation and polo. She adores all animals, but horses have a special place in her heart. She loves the diversity of our cultures, the beauty of simple people and the harmony of Mother Nature. ♥

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