Richard Nixon's Legacy is 40 Years of Failure — The War on Drugs Deception and Why it Must End

by Wesman Todd Shaw Born poor to a father who was just a bully and a mother who never had time to spend with him for having other childre...

by Wesman Todd Shaw

Born poor to a father who was just a bully and a mother who never had time to spend with him for having other children with the disease of tuberculosis, Richard Nixon grew up to despise those born wealthy, and to kindle a deep fire from within, a fire that existed to excel at whatever he pursued, and to show up those who'd thought themselves his better.

The constant underdog, Richard Nixon, would see his share of victory, and disgrace.

Spending his political life during a time when not just the United States was in turmoil, but the entire world, Richard Nixon was forever under a terrific amount of stress, He'd administer over the government of the USA as Vice President, and then later as President in a time when the world was always on the brink of disaster.

Was Richard Nixon a self righteous masochist that needed to be hated to "know" he was "right?" Yes probably, and what fueled his success, fueled his downfall.

From the Vietnam war, to four dead in Ohio, and onward to disgrace, Richard Nixon's career was often ugly, but his legacy lives on with us all today, and in the hideous war against the American people, it festers.

Richard Nixon was the author and the creator of the drug war, the war against American people, the crowning achievement of man's inhumanity to his fellow man here in the USA. (...) 

The Early Political Career Of Richard Nixon

Despite having moved to Washington D.C. where are the action was, the family of Richard and Pat Nixon would soon find itself way back home and in Whittier, California.

There, in Whittier, Richard's political career and political paradigms would begin, and they'd have little virtue in them save hard work, for Richard would hang his political star upon the FEARS of the day, and not on any single thing truly virtuous, he'd start a smear campaign against a local incumbent, and he'd do the natural thing a witch hunter does in the era of the early cold war, he'd imply a communist leaning against him.

In Whittier, California a Bank Of America branch manager would hang his personal hopes for politics on young Richard Nixon, he'd talked Richard into moving home, and running against a man who by all accounts was a good man, the man was Jerry Voorhis.

Soon, Richard would be a member of congress, and his chief allies would not be a human, but the red scare.

In congress, Richard Nixon would prove to be the perfect republican, and he'd support anti union bills such as the Taft–Hartley Act of 1947, and later, the Marshall Plan.

It wasn't long, however, before Richard Nixon would work the anti-communism trick again, and towards his own glory, for his career's sake, and he'd win the battle in the famous case against Albert Hiss, who also happened to be just the sort of person Richard had always hated — a man born wealthy on the East coast.

The year 1950 would see Richard Nixon elected by a wide margin over his opponent to the U.S. Senate, and he'd quickly become a distant supporter of Joseph McCarthy and a critic of then POTUS Harry S. Truman.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Milhous Nixon.

Richard Nixon, Vice President Of The United States Of America

General Dwight D. Eisenhower was nominated for the Republican Party as the running candidate for President of the USA for the year of our lord 1952, and having no really strong love of anyone to be his running mate, he was open ears for advice from his peers and respected colleagues and so he listened, and took on the thirty nine year old Richard Nixon to be his running mate.

Obviously, team Eisenhower and Nixon would win the White House, or at least Dwight would win the White House.

Not all was so smooth on the Nixon end of the bargain, in fact, it took a speech from Dwight, and the largest US television audience in history to that date to smooth it over, as tricky Dicky Nixon had had some funds that weren't so exactly publicly known about regarding his personal promotion to the fore of the US government.

Dwight and Richard would be elected twice, and in his time as Vice President, Richard Nixon would make a very favorable impression on most everyone around him. He'd travel to Asia, and he'd known then how industry and manufacturing would soon become huge parts of Far Eastern economy.

He'd also travel to South America, and get spit on by a pipe wielding mob, and then, he was trusted to go to the Soviet Union, and meet with Nikita Khrushchev.

In 1960 Richard Nixon would run for president himself, but would lose to John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The televised debates would forever be memorable, and are rather interesting to watch to this day.

1962 saw Richard Nixon run for Governor of California, and he'd lose that as well, giving an exceedingly bitter speech in defeat. Many thought his political career was over, and so he'd join a law firm, and he and his family would often travel Europe.

President Richard Milhous Nixon

 Richard Nixon with infamous warmonger Henry Kissinger

The presidency of Richard Nixon is oh so well documented the world over. The man worked his tail off his entire life, then went into politics, and worked his tail end off even more.

Sadly, along the way, Richard had learned to use fear to win elections, and so he himself succumbed to paranoia.

It is said that he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword, but clearly the aphorism is not limited to swords.

What is exceedingly annoying to me here is the Wikipedia page for Richard Milhous Nixon, and how absolutely out obviously it excludes much of anything about the REAL legacy left behind by Richard.

If you were to ask someone, even a very bright historically knowledgeable sort straight out of a university today who ended the gold standard in the USA, few would know that Richard Milhous Nixon was the fool who took the US off the gold standard.

What is the legacy of Richard Nixon? Is it that he was forced to resign? No. The real legacy of Richard Nixon is forty years of war, a civil war, the federal government of the USA's war against its own people, some call it "the war on drugs."

The great deception: Overwhelming Evidence That the CIA is Smuggling Drugs for Decades

It's been said Nixon declared "war on drugs" simply because domestic drug users were the exact sorts that would never vote for Richard Nixon, and so now the entire nation, and several others, and most especially Mexico, have suffered the devastation caused by Richard Nixon's devastating paranoia.

From the Central Intelligence Agency selling drugs world wide, to private prisons and wage slavery on the insides of them, this is the legacy of Richard Nixon.

The phrase, "it all comes out in the wash" comes to mind here, and there can be no doubt at all, the legacy of Nixon is forty years of failure, and the name of Nixon's legacy is "the war on drugs."

Richard Nixon's War On Drugs: Forty Years Of Failure

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