Emotional Clearing Ritual With Crystals

by Adrienne Goff We all want to feel more love in our lives and in our relationships, and it all starts with you. This month, I want to shar...

by Adrienne Goff

We all want to feel more love in our lives and in our relationships, and it all starts with you. This month, I want to share this simple and powerful heart healing technique from my book, Crystal Healing For The Whole Being, 10 Practical Techniques For Personal Transformation.

You have the power to let go of the old and to bring more radiance into your heart, and here is one brilliant way to accomplish that:

If you are truly ready to release all that is standing in your way of having more love in your life, and you are willing to take a deep and final look at what has been restricting your heart, then this powerful exercise will serve you well.

It requires that you be open to investigating any past or current emotional traumas, and to have a willingness to let go.

You will have the support of three powerful heart-healing gems: Dioptase, Pink Tourmaline, and Rose Quartz.

Dioptase is the translucent and sparkling green silicate of copper mineral found in copper ore deposits, along with Malachite.  The copper content of Dioptase gives a clue to its function, which is to draw out and make you aware of any emotional attachments, cords, contracts, or blockages.

If you have experienced or are experiencing any abuse, trauma, or unpleasant emotional events in your family, or have interpersonal relationships that feel karmic or dense, Dioptase can help!

It leads you to identify what is going on and to dissolve and clear these negative patterns. Dioptase also helps you to forgive yourself, as well as others.

Pink Tourmaline is one of the highest vibration stones for the heart. Its striated formation makes it a perfect wand for channeling higher levels of loving energy to the heart, while transforming dense emotional patterns into a lighter vibration.

Pink Tourmaline can also seal and repair holes in the aura from past emotional traumas.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate heart healer and one of the best choices for deepening self-love. And loving yourself unconditionally is the key to healing any situation of the heart, and elevating the amount and quality of love you experience in your life.

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 Dioptase
  • 1 striated Pink Tourmaline
  • 1 Rose Quartz
  • paper and pen
  • 1 white candle (optional)


Call upon your highest self and any spirit helpers you like to work with. Cleanse all crystals and stones. Light the white candle and dedicate it to bringing in the highest levels of light and purification. 

Hold the Dioptase in your left hand, and ask for any past emotional traumas or current emotional states that are blocking your heart to come clearly into your consciousness.

Take the sheet of paper and write at the top:
“I am ready now to release anything that is standing in my way of feeling, expressing, and embodying love.”
Then allow yourself to make a list of anything that comes to mind without editing what comes through. The Dioptase will help you to identify and become aware of unhealthy energy attachments, cords, karmic patterns, and outdated roles you are playing in your family and in other relationships. Trust what comes through.

When you feel complete with your list, come into a comfortable reclined position, and take a few deep breaths. Place the Dioptase directly over your heart chakra, holding the paper in one hand and the Pink Tourmaline in the other.

Read your list aloud, naming all that you are ready to release, as you make counter clockwise circles with the striated Pink Tourmaline over the Dioptase at your heart. This helps pull out any blocked energy.

When you are finished reading your list, state aloud: 
“I now release any energy cords that tie me to any people or past situations that are holding me back. I forgive myself and all who are involved in these situations.”
Then, starting at the higher heart center a few inches above the center of the chest, hold the Pink Tourmaline horizontally about an inch above your body.

Make a swift, sweeping motion, stopping a few inches below the sternum. This allows the Pink Tourmaline to lovingly cut away any energy cords that are no longer serving you. 

Briskly blow on the Pink Tourmaline to clear off any negative energy, then place it vertically beneath the Dioptase so that it can flood the heart chakra with higher loving energy and repair any damage.

Then place the Rose Quartz above the Dioptase to bring in the energy of compassion and to enhance self-love. Allow this powerful triad of heart healing stones to treat your heart chakra, leaving them in place for a minimum of fifteen minutes.

When you are done, you can light your list on fire with the flame from the candle and watch it burn as a symbol of the major release work you have done.

Be sure to wear or carry these three stones with you in the days that follow, for their continual loving and supportive energy. And be extra gentle and loving with yourself! You deserve it.

Crystal Healing For The Whole Being, 10 Practical Techniques For Personal Transformation is available on Amazon.

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