Theories About the Father Crespi Artifacts

by truthhunter Father Carlo Crespi was born in 1891, in Legnano, Italy. He became a priest, and was sent to Cuenca, Ecuador during the 20th ...

by truthhunter

Father Carlo Crespi was born in 1891, in Legnano, Italy. He became a priest, and was sent to Cuenca, Ecuador during the 20th century.

As the story goes, Father Crespi was so loved by the local villagers, that some of the tribes that lived in the rain forests began bringing him amazing artifacts as gifts.

These artifacts, claimed the indigenous tribes, came from secret caves under the rainforests and had been left there by their ancestors. Many of the artifacts were destroyed in a fire that ravaged the place they were being stored in 1962.

Father Crespi did manage to save some of the pieces, but those too disappeared after Father Crespi’s death in 1982.

The disappearance of the Father Crespi Artifacts is only one small part of the mystery that surrounds them. Many of the objects had been documented prior to their destruction or disappearance. And these objects do not appear to be from any South American culture that we presently know of.

Some say that many of these objects seem Sumerian, Babylonia, Semitic, and Egyptian in origin. This has led to numerous theories about the origins of the artifacts (as well as what happened to them). Here are some of the more interesting theories:

The Father Crespi Artifacts Came From Atlantis

Some people believe that the story about Atlantis (first told by Greek philosopher Plato) is an accurate tale of a historical civilization that was destroyed some time around the end of the last ice age. Believes in this theory think that survivors of the catastrophe that destroyed Atlantis were scattered across the globe starting new civilizations where they landed.

In this theory, the Father Crespi Artifacts look similar to Egyptian and Sumerian artifacts because all of these civilizations were started by the survivors of Atlantis.

The Father Crespi Artifacts are Extra Terrestrial in Origin

Much like the Atlantis theory, the Ancient Aliens theory suggests that all early civilizations were started by extra terrestrials. These aliens colonized earth before history, and possibly even created modern humans by genetically modifying indigenous species to become modern humans.

In this theory, these aliens were the gods of ancient Egypt, and ancient Summer.

As a result, any artifacts made in North America by people who came in contact with these Aliens would make similar looking artifacts to those found in ancient Egypt and Summer, because they were seeing the same “gods” (or aliens).

The Father Crespi Artifacts are a Hoax

This theory states that either Father Crespi was paying the indigenous tribes to make him fake artifacts that he could fool the world with, or that the indigenous tribes themselves were making the fake artifacts to fool Father Crespi.

I have found these hoax theories floating around the internet, and they all seem to state that the Father Crespi Artifacts are a hoax without giving any evidence to back up their claim.

Most will say something like “Father Crespi admitted they were a hoax” or “the tribe that gave them to Father Crespi admitted they were a hoax” Although I can’t find any record of anyone admitting that any of the artifacts were a hoax.

It seems that the pages that push this theory are trying to draw attention away from the mystery of Father Crespi’s Artifacts.

Father Crespi was Hitler

This is another theory that seems to be put out into the world as a deliberate attempt to make the other theories look dumb by association. In this theory, Adolf Hitler escaped Germany at the end of World War 2 and fled to Ecuador with much of the treasures that the Nazi’s had looted.

Including artifacts from Egypt, Babylon Sumeria, and Israel. Once in Ecuador, Hitler changed his name to Father Crespi, and made up the story about indigenous tribes bringing him artifacts.

There are many problems with this theory, but I will just mention one. Father Crespi had been in Ecuador since 1927.

The Father Crespi Artifacts Were From the First Temple of Jerusalem

This theory is my own particular theory. No one knows for sure what happened to the treasures of the first temple of Jerusalem. The temple was destroyed in 586 BC, However, this was after ten years of Jerusalem being ruled by a “puppet government” set up by the Babylonians.

This would have given the temple priests plenty of time to remove the treasures and send them away for safe keeping. Could it be that the temple treasures where wisked away across the sea to South America?

This would explain why many of the Father Crespi artifacts look Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian and Semitic.

After all, the Israelites fled Egypt into the lands of Judah, which were once Sumeria, and at the time of the destruction of the temple of Solomon, Jerusalem was occupied by Babylon. This would also explain why the objects mysteriously vanished after Father Crespi passed away. The Vatican took them.

If the Father Crespi Artifacts were the treasures of the temple of Solomon, then what is still hidden in the caves the indigenous people found the artifacts in? The tribesman spoke of golden books.

Could those be the original copies of the Old Testament? Could the Arc of the Covenant be hidden underground in Ecuador?

So what do you think about the Father Crespi artifacts? Are they from a lost civilization? Ancient Judah? Aliens? Or is it all a hoax? Or maybe the stolen plunders of the Nazi regime?

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