Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Told the World to Stop Eating Meat to Save the Planet

by EWAO Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that ‘you hit like a vegetarian’. Yet now he is strongly promoting a strictly plant-based diet for...


Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that ‘you hit like a vegetarian’. Yet now he is strongly promoting a strictly plant-based diet for not only health reasons, but environmental reasons as well.

Arnold is now looking to urge people to simply lessen their consumption of meat.

Arnold is a former bodybuilder and actor, and governor of California has recently been making the headlines when he spoke at the Paris climate change conference saying that:

“Right now people, seven million people are dying every year. That is alarming and everyone in government has the responsibility to protect the people. They have to do something about it.”
According to Arnold, simply reducing our meat consumption would be a great start. Just from the large cattle ranches a total of:
“28% of the greenhouse gasses come from eating meat and from raising cattle, so we can do a much better job.”
Of course, the big man isn’t saying anything new. There have been multiple reports that have come to the same conclusion; that a plant-based diet is the best way for us to reduce carbon emissions and even save the planet.

The professor of Climate Physics at the University of Reading, Ellie Highwood, told Newsbeat in an interview that:
“If everyone around the world ate as much as we do in Britain, it would be even worse.”
When Arnold started speaking out against the consumption of meat, it may have been a huge shock to many people.

There have been many people that have been calling Arnold out as a hypocrite for his heavy consumption of beef back in his days as a competitive bodybuilder (It’s silly to think that people have the unawareness to hold someone’s past against them as they attempt to grow and become a better person), but now is suggesting that everyone do their part by trying to have a couple meat-free days per week.

Of course, Arnolds new philosophy on meat consumption has prompted many people to ask if bodybuilding is still possible on a vegetarian diet. His response was simple:
“Luckily we know that you can get your protein source from many different ways, you can get it through vegetables if you are a vegetarian. I have seen many bodybuilders that are vegetarian and they get strong and healthy.”
If we choose the route of eating a plant-based diet, it is not only really good for your health, but animals, including the environment.

Deep down I believe that everyone wants to ensure Earth doesn’t fall into such disarray that we can no longer live here. Every day we as a species are taking steps to ensure that our planet thrives along with every living thing on it.

It could be scary to stop eating meat, I know from personal experience. I am not a full vegetarian nor am I vegan, but a majority of my food consumption is plant based. The change really isn’t that hard.

I used to say that ‘if I can’t eat meat, then you might as well put me down.’ Now I rarely eat meat and my mind and body both feel better. I can think more clearly and I have way more energy.

Although the choice may be scary, I challenge you to give it a try and see what you think.

Patrik Baboumian is currently the strongest man on Planet Earth and he is 100% vegan (source):

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