3 UFO’s Spotted LANDING on the Moon Says Former NASA Contractor Dona Hare

by EWAO During Nasa’s moon landings, 3 UFO’s were spotted LANDING on the moon shortly after according to former NASA contractor Dona Hare....


During Nasa’s moon landings, 3 UFO’s were spotted LANDING on the moon shortly after according to former NASA contractor Dona Hare.

These sightings were covered up in an operation known by insiders as “Santa Claus”.

Dona explains the agency has Photoshopped and manipulated thousands and thousands of photos to hide the existence of UFOs from the public, something a former hacker of NASA’s system has also explained.

Dona said that NASA has threatened anyone with losing their retirement funding if they talk about these things.

Explaining further that:
“They didn’t threaten to kill me but I got the message I shouldn’t talk about it.”
Below is an interview with Dona that goes into more detail:

Dona and high profile hacker, Gary McKinnon (Solo), are not the only ones who state that NASA regularly manipulated photos to conceal UFO sightings.

Sergeant Karl Wolfe, former Director of Intelligence at headquarters Tactical Air Command, has said the exact same thing and gone into much more detail about “secret structures” on the moon, among other things.

You can watch an interview with him about these details below:

It is very difficult to believe that all 3 of these individuals are lying about something that seems fairly logical.

Of course the authorities don’t want people to know about UFOs or aliens because it will challenge everything we think we know about life, religion, science and the universe at large.

Alien disclosure will officially result in the rewriting of history and a brand new paradigm. Sadly, most people are not even slightly prepared for such an event.

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Reference: Daily Mail

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