1973 UFO Encounter in New Hampshire

by Xavier Ortega It was around 2:45 A.M. on a Friday morning in 1973 that Lyndia Morel found herself fighting sleep behind the wheel of her ...

by Xavier Ortega

It was around 2:45 A.M. on a Friday morning in 1973 that Lyndia Morel found herself fighting sleep behind the wheel of her car. As she drove down New Hampshire’s interstate, a bright light caught her attention.

The further she drove, the brighter and closer the object in the sky became. Soon, her vehicle began increasing speed and pulling to the side of the road on its own. As if under the guidance of the looming bright object that was now almost above her car.

It was at that moment that Lyndia was able to see that the light was some form of craft, being piloted by a small grey humanoid creature. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before or since.

Lyndia, a masseuse had left work earlier that morning and met with a friend for a quick cup of coffee before going home near the town of Goffstown. While traveling down highway 114 she first noticed the bright light off into the distance.

It was flashing a yellow hue before changing colors to green, blue, and red.  Lyndia didn’t think much of this and continued down the desolate stretch of road to her destination.

As she approached a quiet and dark intersection, she lit a cigarette to shake the sleep off and that’s when she noticed the bright object had vanished. It was only after she accelerated through the intersection that it reappeared in her field of vision.

By now her attention was fully on this object that seemed to be following her through her journey. The object began to disappear again, only to reappear brighter and bigger than before. Lyndia’s sleep was replaced by a growing worry that this object was anything but a star.

It was near the town limits of Goffstown that the strange object finally caught up to her. There, in full horror, Lyndia was able to make out the details of the bright object, which was obvious to her now that it was a form of craft she had never seen before.

She would later describe it as a gold and orange glowing globe that appeared to be covered by hexagon shapes. Almost looking like a honeycomb. She then was able to see an opening in the craft. An oval shaped window with what appeared to be some form of humanoid at the controls.

Suddenly bright blue, green, and red flashes of light engulfed her car and illuminated the dark road around her. In the chaos, a loud high-pitch whirling sound became increasingly louder.

She was unable to take her hands off the steering wheel, as if the craft had somehow taken control of her and her vehicle. The out of control car raced past the Westlawn Cemetery, as the craft got closer and lower to the road.

At the point Lyndia could fully see the occupant inside the craft. To her horror, she saw a little figure behind the oval window. She described it as having a round, grayish head with an unsettling wrinkled face. A slit for a mouth and two large eyes with large, dark pupils.

As she looked at it and it looked back at her, Lyndia sensed that it was trying to communicate with her through telepathy. A message she thought said: Don’t be afraid.

In that moment she gained control of the wheel and steered the car right into the first driveway past the cemetery. Lyndia then jumped out of the car and ran towards the house, pounding on the front door and screaming for help. She was in complete hysterics.

The craft had stopped and positioned itself across the house, hovering above the tree line and still emitting that high pitched noise she had heard earlier.

The front door finally opened and Mr. and Mrs. Beaudoin stood in their nightgowns, puzzled as to what was going on. There, cowering on their front porch was Lyndia. She was covering her ears and saying that a flying saucer was after her.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Beaudoin looked around the property and up at the night sky. It was quiet and still as it had been to them the entire night.

Finally a few minutes later Mrs. Beaudoin called the police to report the erratic woman’s claims. Minutes later Goffstown’s Officer Daniel Jubinville finally arrived at the residence. He noticed Lyndia’s abandoned car in the driveway.

The headlights were still on and the engine running. After listening to Lyndia’s story and being satisfied that she was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he wrote the incident down in his report and headed back to patrolling the roads.

Lyndia Morel never found an explanation for the strange events that unfolded that Friday morning in 1973.

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