Why Empaths Need Protection

by Diane Kathrine There are some major changes/shifts going on, energetically, that are affecting all of us (humans) on many levels and thes...

by Diane Kathrine

There are some major changes/shifts going on, energetically, that are affecting all of us (humans) on many levels and these changes are bringing about a lot of pain, emotional disruptions and repetitive, negative thought patterns.

Generally, when there are major energy shifts all Empaths, HSPs and anyone of a Sensitive nature get clobbered from all directions.

If you are feeling like you are going seriously cuckoo with all the energies and emotions you are processing it is probably a good time to pull out your ‘protective-tools arsenal’ and start experimenting with different techniques.

Especially, if you have a daily protection ritual that you are finding isn’t working so well.

I have found, over the years, that some protection/grounding techniques that worked wonders at one time may stop being as effective after a while (weeks, moths or years). This, I believe, is because we just get used to things and need change to see change.

When I worked in hairdressing we used to recommend our clients to change their shampoo and conditioner every few months. Why? Because our hair gets used to certain products and what worked brilliantly at making our hair look fabulous one month may not work so well 3 months later.

The same can be said with exercise: our body gets used to doing the same exercise if performed over and over. We have to keep increasing/changing weights to build stronger muscles or try different yoga poses to increase our strength and flexibility.

If something is no longer working for you, it is probably time to change it (this is not to say we cannot go back to the technique later) and this is a reason I am posting more on protection techniques, as a reminder of the tools available (and because I love writing about them).

Why are we Feeling so much Negative Energy and Emotion Now?

The world is changing and people are in crisis! They/we are having all sorts of unresolved issues coming up, because they need to be finally cleared for us to move onwards and upwards.

Now is the time for all of us to face our demons and hidden issues!

However, many aren’t choosing to do this and instead are projecting blame for their emotions out onto others in the form of anger. This is generally felt by us Sensitive folk as psychic attack.

At this time, it is difficult to discover/know what belongs to us and what belongs to others, because it can all be so interrelated; as in be coming from family or friends of whom we have a lot of history and unresolved issues with.

If you are unsure where these painful emotions or thoughts are coming from here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are these emotions, feelings or thoughts unusual for you?
  • Do you get urges to want to hurt someone’s feelings when it is totally out of character for you?
  • Do you get hateful or bitter thoughts that make you want to explode?
  • Do these thoughts or emotions just pop up and quickly enrage you?
  • Do you know of another person who is jealous or resentful of you, wants to prove you wrong or has bad ideas of you?

If you said yes to the above questions, the emotions and thoughts are probably coming from someone else (Don’t forget they could be coming from more than one person which would intensify these emotions considerably).

If they are coming from others you really need to amp up your protection and grounding techniques.

And some more questions:

  • Do these feelings, thoughts or emotions seem to be childlike in nature?
  • Can you relate these emotions to a past issue?
  • Is this a recurring theme that has kept popping up with different people over the years?
  • Are your thoughts of the issue on a perpetual loop?
  • Did you bury a lot of emotional pain as a child and always put on a brave face?

If you answered yes to these question some of the emotions you are experiencing are probably coming from within. (You will no doubt still be experiencing other people’s emotions too, so keep protecting yourself.) Most of our personal emotional pain will stem from an event in early childhood.

It is probably a good time to check your back-story and find out what these issues link to. Listen to your intuition. What is it telling you? (If there was ever a time to meditate and still the mind, now is it.)

Your current emotional pain, thoughts or feelings may have stemmed from a rejection or an injustice in childhood; this may have snowballed over the years and attached lots of other associated pains to it along the way.

Don’t focus on the memory, just recognize it as the root-cause and release it. Simply discovering the cause is often enough to clear the pain attached to it.

We are in a unique time where we have the opportunity to forgive, release and rise above the dramas of others. When others cause us pain, they often do so in ignorance.

Their actions will often stem from their own pain and insecurities and from not knowing any better. They too in time will learn.

Hope this helps you on your path.

Dear Friends,
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