5-Year-Old Genius Has Scientists Believing That Telepathy Exists

5-year-old Ramses Sanguino has many special talents. According to his mother, by the age of two he could read, write, and speak in 7 differe...

5-year-old Ramses Sanguino has many special talents. According to his mother, by the age of two he could read, write, and speak in 7 different languages — Spanish, Japanese, Greek, English, Hebrew, Arabic, and Hindi — and was doing algebra by the age of four.

There is no doubt this child is a genius, and experts are even describing him as “one of the 5 smartest 5-year-olds on the planet.” But does his high I.Q. also give him a special talent that can be described as mystical?

The boy is thought to have telepathic abilities and has apparently been able to prove his talents through a series of tests. Dr. Diane Powell from Harvard Medical School has met Ramses a few times and had the chance to study his abilities. She is now “confident that telepathy exists.”

Powell spotted the child in a video that went viral on YouTube earlier this year, and since she has already made it her interest to study this fascinating phenomenon, she reached out to the young boy and his mother.

After her testing, she arrived at the conclusion that Ramses is proof of an “alternative method of communication.”

Check Out The Video Below To See Ramses’ Talents In Action

On Powell’s website there are a few more examples of Ramses’ talents. She writes:
The first time the mother wrote five numbers between 0 and 9 on her whiteboard, while Ramses sat across the room with the whiteboard’s back facing him. He got them all correct.

One-by-one I gave the mother four different children’s playing cards with numbers on them, while being careful that Ramses did not see them. He also got all of those. 

I then wrote four random numbers on the whiteboard: 8134. The mother circled the 81 and Ramses said “81” from across the room. She circled the three and he said “three”. When asked for the last number he said “four.” 

At another time, I handed the mother four small playing cards, one-by-one, with the numbers 2 through 10. Ramses got the first two correct. The third number was ten. He said “one”.

His mother said. You’re partially correct” and moved on to the next number, the only one he completely missed out of 17.”
Could Telepathy Be An Alternative Language For Children With Autism?

Dr. Powell does believe that telepathy between children and their parents specifically can be an alternative method of communication, particularly for children with autism, who often struggle to communicate with words.

She believes that this special gift often exists exclusively between the child and his or her parent(s).

Hayley is a girl Dr. Powell worked with previously who is also believed to have telepathic abilities. Hayley’s parents contacted Dr. Powell after being referred by Darrold Treffert, M.D., a world-renowned expert on autistic savants.

Hayley’s parents originally thought she was a mathematical genius, but soon learned that she could only give the answers to complex problems when the person who was asking the question was present in the room.

When asked how she determined the solutions, Hayley replied:
“I see the numerators and denominators in your head.”
Hayley proceeded to answer many questions which should have been impossible for her, such as the surname of her therapist’s landlord and the name of a book the therapist was thinking about. Hayley was correct each time!

There are many more examples on Powell’s website.

by Alanna Ketler, Collective Evolution

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