The Benefits of Aronia Superfood

The Aronia fruit, also known as chokeberries, is a fruit filled with phyto-nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Because of its exceptiona...

The Aronia fruit, also known as chokeberries, is a fruit filled with phyto-nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.

Because of its exceptionally nutritional value these small wild berries recently captured the attention of many nutritionists, food scientists and fitness trainers.

Botanically, they belong to the family called "Rosaceae", and their scientific name is Aronia melanocarpa. The plant grows up to 2 meters and and it looks like a big bush. The fruit comes in groups of 10-25 berries.

It is high in iodine, and as a result very often used as a natural supplement to treat iodine deficiency. Being full of antioxidants, it has also been used as a cleansing tool for the digestive system.

Aronia originated on the eastern part of North America's forests and wetland areas, and its first consumers were Russian astronauts in 1959 as a part of their very strict diet.

Depending on the type of aronia the fruits can be small or big, red, black or purple. The black Aronia has a very strong and bitter taste, unlike the red which is quite sweeter.

The aronia fruit can be used as:

FUN FACT: one of the benefits of aronia is that it protects the body from radioactive radiation of mobile phones and computers.

Health benefits and therapeutic effects of Aronia, chokeberry

  • studies have shown a significant contribution when treating diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer (especially colon, breast, and lung cancer).
  • helps in treating and preventing stomach ulcers
  • a good treatment for chronic eye inflammation (uveitis)
  • an antiviral effect in liver diseases
  • a general antibacterial effect on the entire organism.
  • it provides UV and radiation protection (especially important for people who constantly use the computer, mobile phone, and TV)
  • it defends the neuron cells thus prevents Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease.
  • it has a rejuvenating effect on the skin
  • prevents abdominal inflammation
  • it helps against different kinds of allergies
  • it has seen great success lowering high blood pressure. (Clinical studies have shown that drinking 60 oz of aronia juice three times a day can effectively manage HTA (hypertension - high blood pressure)
  • it expands blood vessels for better blood flow and circulation
  • lowers the secretion of stress hormones
  • has a tonic effect on the body as in: increasing vitality, helps overcome diseases, bone fractures, helps with exhaustion
  • it boosts muscle recovery and bone regeneration
  • antiseptic effect - a powerful immune system booster, preventing colds, viral and bacterial infections.

Having all these benefits aronia has been highly recommended amongst: children, diabetics, athletes and patients who have underwent complicated surgeries.

The therapeutic effects of aronia:

Aronia berries contain an enormous amount of vitamin C antioxidant, flavonoid, rich in vitamin B2, B6, Vitamin P (Flavonoids) and many minerals.

Aronia can be safely consumed by diabetics because they have a hypoglycemic effect. It also has a strong astringent, diuretic effect. It helps tone the heart, regulate blood pressure and blood glucose (sugar) in the blood streams and has shown a tremendous effect in treating hemorrhoids.

It is also highly recommended for Alzheimer’s patients, where in many cases a reduction in symptoms and the condition's improvement have been substantial.

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By Filip Gjorgoski, Alte Hausmittel

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