Cop Beats Charges for Raping Woman at Gunpoint Because He Said She Asked For It

A Boynton Beach police officer was just found not guilty after he offered a stranded 20-year-old girl a ride home and was accused of bringin...

A Boynton Beach police officer was just found not guilty after he offered a stranded 20-year-old girl a ride home and was accused of bringing her to an empty field and brutally raping her at gunpoint.

by Matt Agorist, Free Thought Project

Officer Stephen Maiorino, 35, was charged with armed sexual battery, armed kidnapping and unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior last year after police discovered his disgusting actions on the night of October 15.

The victim, a 20-year-old woman, was left stranded downtown after a friend she was riding with was arrested on DUI charges. According to the police report, Maiorino offered the young woman a ride to the station so she could wait for someone to pick her up.

At this point, a waking nightmare began for the young woman in Maiorino’s car. Maiorino did drive her to the police station, but when she tried to get out of the car, he grabbed her and told her that if she didn’t perform oral sex on him, he would arrest her, according to the police report.

Obviously fearful of this psycho cop, she agreed, and the officer drove off 20 blocks north of the department, which is located near the intersection of Seacrest and Boynton Beach boulevards, to an abandoned field.

Maiorino then held the young woman at gunpoint and forced her to strip naked. He then forced her to the hood of his car and raped her, according to the report. She said she was facedown, held in place on the hood with his right hand.

During the assault, she told police, she looked back at her attacker and saw the gun in his left hand.

Investigators found the condom Maiorino used to allegedly rape the woman in the field the next day.

According to the report, when Maiorino was finished raping the woman, he told her that if she told anyone, he would kill her and her family.

On Tuesday, the cries of the alleged victim, his 21-year-old accuser, filled the courtroom as the words “not guilty” were read out loud.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, she wailed, “No! No!” before her dad held her as she stumbled out the door. She screamed and cried out, “Why?” before being helped onto an elevator.

The defense’s case was that this hero veteran police officer messed up and had consensual sex while on duty last October.

Maiorino never had to take the stand.

His entire case was based on building him up while breaking down and discrediting the young woman. The defense claimed that the woman only fabricated this story as to later attempt to get money from the department.

Unlike Maiorino, the woman did take the stand.
“That would make me the most evil human being in the whole world,” she said, calling the allegations a fabrication “a disgusting thing to do to ruin someone’s whole life.”
The defense went on to say that the young woman craved sex on the patrol car “perhaps to be cool.”

They used a photo of her in high school posing on the hood of a car in a “strikingly similar position” as proof that she was lying about the rape.

Despite their entire case relying on defaming a young woman, the jury sided with the cop — likely for obvious reasons.

Sexual misconduct is the second highest of all complaints nationwide against police officers, representing 9.3 percent in 2010, according to a study by the Cato Institute’s National Police Misconduct Reporting Project.

Last October we reported on an officer in charge of a rape case who is accused of stalking and sexually harassing the victim.

In September, Oklahoma made headlines with three serial rapists, in 3 weeks, all officers, as well as one police chief molesting children.

Last July, a former New York Police Department officer convicted of planning to kidnap and rape women before killing and eating them was set to go free after a federal judge overturned his conviction.

Or how about the police officer that was found guilty of raping a girl with a pencil? She was 5!

As a matter of fact, last year we reported that 40 cops racked up dozens of charges of child rape and sexual abuse, in an arbitrary 30 day period.

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