500-Year-Old Chinese Manuscript Describes Alien Abduction

According to researchers in China, an ancient Chinese manuscript made available to the public in 2011 describes in detail a mysterious event...

According to researchers in China, an ancient Chinese manuscript made available to the public in 2011 describes in detail a mysterious event that took place nearly 500 years ago: An Alien Abduction.

The text written in 1528 describes a mysterious ‘star’ which crossed the sky moving from the East to the West, the mysterious ‘star’ descended in the vicinity of a small village near the mountains.

One of the inhabitants of the village, intrigued by the mysterious ‘star’ that had landed approached the object describing it as being disk-shaped and as big as a house, covered in brilliant colors, unlike anything he had ever seen in his lifetime, the man fainted.

He woke up in a cold a strange place that was illuminated by a mysterious red hue and even though he could still see the Sun, the moon and the stars there were no buildings or people near him, only mysterious creatures that had round faces and three eyes instead of two.

According to the ancient abductee, the mysterious beings wore strange-looking clothing and spoke a language he could not understand.

The description of the mysterious UFO abduction was found in a manuscript collection gifted to China’s Cultural Ministry.

After experts verified the manuscript, a book was published by the ministry, in the book is the journal of an ancestor in the Ming Dynasty, around 500 years ago, the text that speaks about the abduction can be found in one page of over five hundred pages that describe several things among them medicine, music, martial arts and other historic events.

After he regained his consciousness he found himself back in his home, but the stonemason that had been abducted found out that during the absence that seemed to have passed quickly for him, he was actually absent for an entire year.

The person who wrote about this incredible story went to visit the stonemason who was abducted and missing for an entire year. The author writes that after meeting the abductee, he saw a red scar on his chest, and swore that the account was authentic.

As we can see by this story, UFO sightings and abductions have been present on Earth for hundreds if not thousands of years. Remember that a Budhist Monk described a UFO encounter:

The story that involves the UFO story originates from an Autobiography of a famous Chan Buddhist of which Hsu Yun was an influential Buddhist master:
“At the end of the Great Prayer Meeting, I climbed the Da-luo Peak, where I paid reverence to the ‘wisdom lamps’ said to appear there.

“I saw nothing the first night but on the second, I saw a great ball of light flying from the Northern to the Central Peak, where it came down, splitting a short while later into over ten balls of different sizes.

“The same night, I saw on the Central Peak three balls of light flying up and down in the air and on the Northern Peak, four balls of light which varied in size.”
By Ancient Code

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