Tesla's Legendary "Tower" Built and Tested in Russia

This "Tesla baby" can produce enough power matching all power generation facilities in Russia when lightning is discharged onto a ...

This "Tesla baby" can produce enough power matching all power generation facilities in Russia when lightning is discharged onto a platform.

A team of Russian scientists are already working on the restoration of the "Tesla tower" for wireless power transmission, developed by Tesla in 1901-1902. The Wardenclyffe Tower, also known as the Tesla Tower, was built near the island of Manhattan (USA) at the beginning of the 1900's but was not completed for reasons unknown so far.

Some speculate that the original Tesla tower was closed due to the lack of funding. Tesla believed that this project was, if completed, one of the most effective electric systems in the world allowing him to produce and transmit electrical energy across great distances.

Nikola Tesla was a  genius, a brilliant inventor and the pioneer of wireless power transmission who in 1891, developed the principles of an antenna which is capable of supplying electricity to ANY device without the use of cables or connectors.

Tesla's project was based on variations in the magnetic flux and, despite the incredible potential of the project, he apparently never managed to thrive beyond mere trials.

The Russian version of Tesla's tower is located about 40 kilometers from Moscow. Currently, the research complex dubbed as the “High Voltage Marx and Tesla Generators Research Facility” is truly one of a kind and its generators can meet the energy demand for the entire country, although only for a period of around 100 microseconds.

In Russia, experiments or practices related to energy are anything but new. In the 1980's the Soviets built a tower which "channeled" the energy created from lightning storms and use it for numerous purposes.

this incredible Russia project is unique, and it is something that you probably won't find anywhere else in the world. Why? Because of its incredible design and even greater charging capacity.

As we described above, this "Tesla baby" can produce enough power matching all power generation facilities in Russia when lightning is discharged onto a platform. Given the high maintenance cost, this "secret" Russian Tesla facility is not operational 24/7 but is only turned on on special occasions.

According to Rossiya-1 TV; When the facility is operating, the static charge in the “hot zone” is so large that the hair of anyone present bristles.

To find out more about this "crazy" electrical facility check out this video where you can appreciate, from the air, the elaborate design of this super-cool facility.


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