The Nuclear Bomb and Flying Saucers Developed by the Nazi

Was Adolf Hitler developing a nuke and a flying saucer to transport it? According to a German documentary (below) broadcasted by ZDF, the ...

Was Adolf Hitler developing a nuke and a flying saucer to transport it?

According to a German documentary (below) broadcasted by ZDF, the Nazis were developing a nuclear bomb and a “flying saucer” to transport it, and they had already begun testing out the new weapons on Russian prisoners of war.

Smells like reversed Alien tech, doesn’t it? But if the Nazis were developing this type of crafts, could other countries have done the same?

The German documentary film ‘The search for the atomic bomb of Hitler’ argues that the Nazis might have been close to creating an atomic bomb and had developed a “flying saucer” to transport the weapon of mass destruction.

According to the accounts in the film, they even conducted tests of the device in Russian prisoners of war, held in Thuringia, in eastern Germany.

Interestingly, the documentary cites reports of interrogations of Nazi scientists, witnesses and records left by the researchers who participated in the highly classified programs, many of whom were sent to US after World War II.

The film mainly focused on Hans Kammler, a general of the SS, who received around 175,000 prisoners from the concentration camps to work in the manufacturing of weapons, tank production lines and secret bunkers for the Nazi elite.

Hitler appointed him head of the program for nuclear fission, and one of his projects took place in Thuringia, where, according to the documentary the site of the Nazi nuclear and space programs was located.

The documentary also cites reports of agents of the Russian military intelligence, who claim that the Nazis possessed a 1.5 meter Nuclear Bomb and even conducted nuclear tests in Thuringia.
“One of our reliable sources in Germany said that the Nazis have tested two powerful bombs in the Thuringia valley,” says one of the Russian reports.
However, declassified US intelligence documents say that Dwight Eisenhower ordered reconnaissance flights over that area and the results were inconclusive as they were not able to find much.

Furthermore, the investigation was not able to find uranium which Nazi scientists needed to assemble the bombs.

But if this technology did exist in the past, where is it not? And better yet, what kind of technology did the Nazi use to create a flying saucer?

Is it possible that the Nazi did possess otherworldly technology as many ufologists have suggested in the past? And if Nazi Germany was able to create “flying saucers” wouldn’t Russia or the United States have similar technology?

The truth is obscured by numerous enigmas of the past, there are so many questions regarding “lost technology” that was in possession of Nazi Germany that today, people are not sure what to believe.

If there is any truth in the documentary ‘The search for the atomic bomb of Hitler’ then we should ask ourselves, where did this technology come from, and is it possible that many other countries have similar top-secret projects going on?

Here's an interesting article that contains actual pictures of Nazi flying saucers. You may also be interested to learn more about the Nazi maps to and of Agartha (an entire world inside our planet).

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