Smuggled Out of AREA 51: The Alien Interrogation Video

AREA 51 has always been the center of conspiracies involving extraterrestrial life and technology. Unfortunately, video evidence lacks in mo...

AREA 51 has always been the center of conspiracies involving extraterrestrial life and technology. Unfortunately, video evidence lacks in most cases. This is what makes the Alien Interview video stand out.

Sources claim the video was smuggled out of Area 51 by a man who called himself Viktor. Those same sources presented the 3-minute footage during an Art Bell radio show in 1997. The video was probably shot the previous year.

Little information was provided and the soundless video raised more questions. German UFO researcher Michael Hesseman claimed to have had ties to Viktor.

In 1989, Viktor had told him about the retrieval of a flying saucer that was shot down by the South African Air Force.

The Alien in the “interrogation” video was one of three survivors of the crash and the video had been shot after they were transported across the ocean, to Area 51.

The video shows an alien with a large head and black, almond-shaped eyes behind a protective pane of glass. It is sitting in a dark room, accompanied by two men. One is dressed in military uniform, the other seems civilian.

The man in uniform is allegedly a military telepath and in charge of communicating with the alien. We are witnessing what appears to be an interrogation between vastly different life forms.

The alien seems distressed, a fact corroborated by the existence of various medical devices monitoring its vital functions.

If the video is genuine, we’re looking at an injured, perhaps afflicted extraterrestrial being ruthlessly interrogated by the military. The authenticity of the film was often brought into question but for every critic, there were two people convinced it was real.

Towards the end of the video, the alien creature begins having spasms, its mouth opens and closes and foam starts coming out.

Something is clearly wrong. Medical personnel rushes to aid it as the monitor shows irregular activity. The video comes to an abrupt end and the final condition of the alien will forever remain a mystery.

Nobody knows who Viktor is but his final statement said he feared for his life. He claimed to have worked as a technician at the top-secret installation in Nevada.

One day, he came across the video while converting tapes to digital format. He managed to make a copy and smuggle it out of Area 51.

He claimed the original video had an audio track that was removed to protect the identity of the military personnel seen and heard on video.

Skeptics consider the video a fake and point to the dark room as evidence of a hoax. However, Viktor claimed this was due to the alien being sensitive to light.

Eighteen years after it was first released, the Alien Interrogation video is still met with mixed reactions. There is no proof the video was faked and nobody has stepped up to claim the hoax.

And while some dismiss the video as deceptive, others find it distressing to watch. They share UFO expert Robert Dean’s opinion, who called the video “powerful and real.”

Author Whitley Strieber sums it up even nicer:
"There are things about this footage that are particularly striking. Some of the least know features reported by witnesses are presented here. If this tape is not authentic, then it must have been made by people with very special inside knowledge."
Were video editing software experts able to fake an alien hoax at this level in 1997? Well, that’s certainly what Area 51 Officials would want you to believe….

Here’s the video so you can decide for yourself:

By Locklip

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