NASA: Martian Crater Anomalies Revive the Ancient Nuclear Catastrophe on Mars Theory

There are numerous unexplained anomalies at a Martian crater which support the theory of an ancient nuclear catastrophe on Mars. If an ancie...

There are numerous unexplained anomalies at a Martian crater which support the theory of an ancient nuclear catastrophe on Mars.

If an ancient civilization did exist on the surface of the red planet in the distant past… what happened to it? Is it possible that this once great Martian civilization was annihilated with nuclear weapons as some researchers suggest?

Is it possible that all of the “anomalous” objects that have been photographed on Mars aren’t Pareidolia but actual evidence of the civilizations that inhabited Mars? as far as we know, it certainly could be possible, it’s a 50%-50% chance.

Well, according to the discovery of an anomalous zone in the Martian crater called “Gale” which has high levels of neurons, revitalized the “exotic” theory presented by physicist John E. Brandenburg, which postulates that an ancient Martian civilization was annihilated with nuclear bombs.

The theory presented by Dr. Brandenburg seems to be backed up by the numerous anomalies NASA’s rovers have discovered in the past six months.

NASA’s very own “Alien” robot on Mars has discovered a region with inexplicable characteristics on the surface of the red planet. The region considered as anomalous by nasa is located just under Mount Sharp where Curiosity’s instruments registered an area of three meters in diameters which shows an extremely high neutron emission.

The anomaly, supported by technical measurements corroborates the theory postulated by the American physicist John E. Brandenburg, which since 2011 states that the characteristic red color of Mars is due to a thermonuclear explosion.
“The surface of Mars is covered with radioactive substances such as uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium. A nuclear explosion might have left debris all over the planet,” he said in an interview.
His assumption is based on the high concentration of xenon-129, uranium and thorium found in the Martian atmosphere, thanks to exploration of the Odyssey spacecraft.

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Nuclear isotopes in the atmosphere apparently resemble hydrogen bomb tests – which he says occurred in two places on Mars, Cydonia Mensa and Galaxias Chaos

Brandenburg went further into his theory suggesting that the red planet was inhabited by two “humanoid” civilizations which were called the Cydonians and Utopians, which would have been exterminated by the nuclear bombing of another alien race.
‘We have now found evidence of the nuclear melt-glass Trinitite (formed on Earth at the site of nuclear weapon air-bursts) at both sites of the hypothesised explosions and this will be presented at the conference,’ Dr Brandenburg revealed to MailOnline ahead of his talk. ‘This strongly supports my hypothesis of massive nuclear airbursts.’ ‘So far no scientist has offered any other explanation for this body of data.’
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