JFK’s Nephew Slams Mandatory Vaccinations: Political Insider Shares What He Knows

Robert F. Kennedy Jr, nephew of president John F. Kennedy and son of Robert F. Kennedy, has strongly reiterated his position against the man...

Robert F. Kennedy Jr, nephew of president John F. Kennedy and son of Robert F. Kennedy, has strongly reiterated his position against the mandatory vaccination of children.

The State of California recently passed a law (SB 277) which requires all school children in California who wish to attend public school to receive all of the recommended vaccinations by the U.S. public health authorities.

Currently working as an environmental lawyer and activist, he addressed a large audience at a Sacramento, California screening of the documentary Trace Amounts, which raises concerns over multiple vaccine ingredients.

It’s not the first time he’s been vocal about vaccines, in 2005 he published an article titled “Dead Immunity” in the Rolling Stone.

The article shed light on the collusion between Big Pharma and the US government, as well as the dangers associated with multiple vaccines. The article outlined government efforts to conceal alarming data about the dangers of vaccinations.

Kennedy writes:
“Vaccines are big business. Pharma is a trillion-dollar industry with vaccines accounting for $25 billion in annual sales. CDC’s decision to add a vaccine to the schedule can guarantee its manufacturer millions of customers and billions in revenue with minimal advertising or marketing costs and complete immunity from lawsuits. High stakes and the seamless marriage between Big Pharma and government agencies have spawned an opaque and crooked regulatory system.”  (source)
We’ve seen other notable personages, scientists, documents, and studies emphasize the same. For example, Dr. William Thompson, Senior CDC scientist of 17 years and lead author of multiple studies commonly cited to dismiss the link between vaccines and autism – he invoked whistleblower protection and turned extensive agency files over to Congress.

He said that for the past decade his superiors have pressured him and his fellow scientists to lie and manipulate data to conceal a causal link between vaccines and brain injuries, including autism.

You can read more about what he had to say about vaccines in this recently published article.

This is important information, because not only do we have a tremendous amount of science pointing to the dangers associated with vaccines, we have a tremendous amount of science pointing towards their safety. One thing the “pro-vaccine side” does not have are the Robert F. Kennedys, the Dr, Thompsons, and the documents (like this one) alluding to scientific fraud… and more.

The mandatory vaccination bill has sparked outrage nationwide, particularly because multiple studies have been conducted and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals which raise many concerns regarding vaccine ingredients (and vaccines in general).

Common vaccine ingredients still include aluminum, antibiotics, egg protein, formaldehyde, MSG, and thimerosal (mercury), among others.

A fairly recent Meta-Analysis published in the Journal Bio Med Research International found that:
“The studies upon which the CDC relies and over which it exerted some level of control report that there is no increased risk of autism from exposure to organic Hg in vaccines, and some of these studies even reported that exposure to Thimerosal appeared to decrease the risk of autism.

“These six studies are in sharp contrast to research conducted by independent researchers over the past 75+ years that have consistently found Thimerosal to be harmful. As mentioned in the Introduction section, many studies conducted by independent investigators have found Thimerosal to be associated with neurodevelopmental disorders.

“Considering that there are many studies conducted by independent researchers which show a relationship between Thimerosal and neurodevelopmental disorders, the results of the six studies examined in this review, particularly those showing the protective effects of Thimerosal, should bring into question the validity of the methodology used in the studies.” (source)
More recent studies have shown that aluminum in adjuvant form (as it is in vaccines) poses serious risks to human health, like this one, published in the Journal Current Medical Chemistry  in 2011, or this one, published in the Journal Immunome Research.

The list literally goes on and on.

An article we published in February titled “The Top 6 Reasons Why Parents Are Choosing Not To Vaccinate Their Kids” can help you, if you do not understand, why so many parents are taking issue with mandatory vaccinations.

Related: CDC Planned to Deliberately Destroy Evidence Linking Vaccines to Autism

We applaud people like RFK Jr, Jim Carry, and all of the other celebrities, politicians, doctors, and scientists who are doing great work to create more awareness on this issue. There are two sides to this coin, but one of them is severely underrepresented in the mainstream news.

By Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

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