The Energy of the New Moon, July 16th 2015

In Astrology the Moon represents our mother and other maternal figures, our emotions and our sense of security as we move through the world....

In Astrology the Moon represents our mother and other maternal figures, our emotions and our sense of security as we move through the world.

by Aingi Oranais

The Moon is also responsible for bringing about endings and beginnings and can reveal a lot about our energetic ‘blueprint’ in this life.

This July, the Moon will take center stage with two Full Moon’s- a very rare occurrence, and a New Moon that is also met with aspects from Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Saturn.

As you can see there is a lot going on!

This New Moon falls on July 15-16th 2015, in the water sign of Cancer, which represents emotions, feelings, intuition, family and nurturing.

The New Moon in Cancer reminds us of the need to feel secure, it reminds us of how important our home and family is and it reminds us to really look at where we can be nurtured and also offer more nurturing to those we love.

It also reminds us to be sensitive, to go within and to truly listen to our deepest thoughts and feelings.

Accompanied by Mercury and Mars, this New Moon may also bring up some anger and frustration that has been buried deep for quite some time.

Uranus will also play into this aspect and it is likely that for the four days proceeding the New Moon, there may be some closure to these emotions or a hidden truth about yourself or someone close to you may be revealed.

Know that underneath all of this anger and frustration, the root of the issue really lies in creating a sense of security and safety for yourself. These planets really want to make sure that we are living in a way that protects our highest good and the good of others.

Saturn will also continue his retrograde through Scorpio, an aspect that has been difficult for many. Just remember that he is there to ensure we are all honoring and taking responsibility for our inner world and deeper feelings, especially when it comes to our relationships.

This New Moon will also energize Saturn to help us make a decision on whether or not we want to move forward on our current path or change course. Whatever decision you choose, know that Saturn will really be testing us to see if we have learned all of our lessons with him during the last 3 years.

Pluto will also continue to move retrograde through Capricorn and was triggered earlier this month during the Capricorn Full Moon

It is likely that whatever events were stirred up for you earlier this month with the July 1st Full Moon, will reach some sort of resolution or greater sense of clarity and understanding. Things may not all be ironed out as yet, however you will definitely start to see the path forming ahead.

July’s New Moon is all about bringing up the things in your life that do not support your emotions, sense of security or safety.

These factors in your life will be challenged now so you can look deeper into what is helping or hindering you from feeling secure and nurtured, especially when it comes to your home, family and relationships.

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