6 Ways to Super Charge Your Vibration

Have you been feeling low, heavy, or have dense energy? Are the stresses of life, and the lower vibrations around you, pulling you down into...

Have you been feeling low, heavy, or have dense energy? Are the stresses of life, and the lower vibrations around you, pulling you down into a place and a mood that you know isn't who you really are? This may be because you are existing in a lower vibration in your energetic body. 

Sometimes we get swept up and distracted by normal everyday life and we forget the basics that pull us into a higher vibration.  Not only does having a higher vibration help you feel amazing but you will also be able to expand your mind and reach new heights in your spiritual journey.

1. Eat High Vibration Food- Eating organic, GMO free, high vibrational food will not only heal your body but it will put your mind at a higher vibration almost over night. It takes a few days to adjust to higher vibrational food, so that you feel full when you eat it, but eventually you will find that your taste buds fine tune to the good food and you will loose your taste and craving for lower vibrational food such as sugar, dairy, white grains and possibly even meat. 

Try focusing on eating veggies, fruit, seeds, nuts, and cooking as many of your meals as you can. A quick google search will find all kinds of amazing ideas for eating healthy foods. Also try super foods such as turmeric, algae, and ginger. If you drink tea try to remove the sugar or replace it with an organic stevia. Work your way towards enjoying the plant in as much of a natural state as you can.

2. Sleep- As your vibration is increasing you may find that you are using much more brain power than you did previously. What you may need to do is to sleep more. Sometimes sleep is the greatest meditation. Of course there is sleeping too much but don't be afraid to go to bed an hour or two early at night so that you can make sure that your mind and body have a chance to catch up with all of the changes going on in your life. 

Your dreams are also a great tool for observing your reality and finding out what is really going on.  Use dream interpretation and keep track of your dreams so that you can see if there are any changes.

3. Drink Alkaline Water- When you make tea, smoothies, or just get a drink make sure that you are using fluoride free Alkaline water. This water is super packed with the balance you need to fine tune your senses. Most of the population is actually dehydrated so making sure that you have around 3 liters per day is important in maintaining balance, learning quickly, and shifting your emotions into a space of balance.

Drink your water out of a glass container, or something other than regular plastic. Even most water bottles contain toxins that you do not want in your body. These toxins can also mess with your third eye and make it hard to expand your consciousness.

4. Meditation in the Sun/Moon- One of the greatest ways to supercharge is meditating in the Sun or Moon. Make sure that you are facing the sun or moon with your third eye for the greatest effect. Your third eye is located between your eyes up on your forehead. When you are doing a moon meditation try to aim for full moons and see if you can feel the energetic difference between absorbing the suns rays and the moon rays.

5. Breathe Deeply- Slow down your breathing and breathe deeply. We often short ourselves on oxygen by breathing shallow. When you breathe pull the air all of the way down into your stomach. Visualize energy coming into your body with each breath. Imagine it filling up your whole body. When you breathe out blow away all of your stress and negative energy.

6. Start an Energetic Practice- Start an energetic practice that will teach you how to better wield, recycle, and store your energy. Yoga, Reiki, and Qi gong, are just a few of the many ways that you can learn to focus, maneuver and fine tune your energy. You will find really quickly that your vibration is higher and more balanced.

What have you found that super charges your vibration?  Let us know in the comments below and thank you for reading.

By Kirsten Cowart, EWAO

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