5 Secrets to Raising an Awakened Child

In many ancient cultures in South America and Africa, when a child is born, people actually cried. They cried because the child was leavin...

In many ancient cultures in South America and Africa, when a child is born, people actually cried.

They cried because the child was leaving one realm; the realm of truth and unity but now they enter a life of duality where life is not easy.

In a world where life is more complicated and difficult than ever, it is even more crucial that we raise children who can restore our planet, bring us back into harmony with each other, and inspire the world to be more conscious.

1) Remember. The Child Is Not ‘Yours’.

Parents often make the mistake of seeing themselves as the owner of their children. They will say things like this:

My child. My Daughter. My Son. My kids…this is even the normal terminology.

Sure the kids came from you, but they do not belong to you. You are not an owner, rather, a guardian. You are the support network to provide them with the tools they need to come into their own authenticity.

Ask yourself who is raising your children? Rest assured, if you are not raising your child someone or something else will.

The TV, internet, video games, friends, family, neighbors, babysitter, coachers, teachers, preachers… who? You must be involved and know where your child’s experience is coming from.

The first seven years of a childs life are critical to programming the mind subconsiously negatively or positively. If you spend time with them in the first seven years and provide a positive model to experience, it is a force field to harmful pitfalls throughout the rest of their lives.

2) Understand that it is the child who teaches us

Shamans believe that children come to teach us, in essence, like an extension of your higher mind. Children will let you know what they want but you must listen and learn from them in order to facilitate their needs properly.

They teach us compassion, discernment, patience, acceptance, and love. They expand our perspective on life and provide us with an enriched experience. 

Keep this in mind if you are raising an awakened child. Adults tend to dismiss what children have to say as child’s play or fantasy, but if you pay attention to their words and try to understand where they are coming from, you just might learn something from them.

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3) Create a positive environment for them

Children are always asking questions. They ask questions because the have no filter or frame of reference.

We have to provide and safe and loving environment for children to grow. If children ask questions dig for the deeper meaning behind the question. Say to them, “Why do you ask?”

If you know your child is special in particular, you have all the more responsibility to provide them with a supportive upbringing that doesn’t scar their consciousness.

If you don’t love yourself, or don’t have a positive relationship with your spouse, then this will provide a negative example to your child.

Many couples fight in front of their kids. One could even say it is normal. This will result in your child arguing and fighting with other children.

Do not compare your children to others. This creates doubt and insecurity. Your child is 100% unique and this is what makes parenting incredible.

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4) Create time and intimacy with them

You may have not time. This mean others fill the gap and you become distant. I like to read to ‘my child’ before bed. I like to ride my bike with her on nice days.

I like to go to the beach with her. Don’t look at them as an accessory to your life or as an obligation you have.

Treat them as a friend, and get to really know them. Take interest when they are struggling with something. Ask them questions, start meaningful conversations with them, and make sure they feel like they don’t need to search to other authority figures to fill that roll for them.

5) Give them the life you wish you had

Many of us wish we got to spend more time with our parents. Now, we can be sure to fulfill that dream with our own kids. Maybe you grew up in a rough neighborhood and want to provide a safer environment for your child.

Or maybe you can take your children to various trips into the wilderness to explore. Whatever it may be, be sure to be as passionate about their experience as you would be if you were them.

As their guardian you are ultimately responsible for their future and for the memories you give them through their childhood.

An awakened child does not need money or possessions. They need memories and a solid emotional/psychological foundation to live as an awakened soul.

When you provide a childhood you never had, you are actually going back in time to heal your own childhood experience through them.

All children are amazing when they are placed in environment they can succeed. Every single parent that is reading this could have the next Martin Luther King, Eckhart Tolle, Buddha, or Jesus on their hands.

Every child has the potential to transform the world.

If you want your child to be spiritually mature, responsible, wise, and creative, it starts with how you choose to interact with them on a daily basis. 

They don’t belong to you as an accessory. They belong to Life as a vessel and as a creator. When you look at them as a gift instead of an obligation, you can’t help but raise an awakened child.

By Jesse Herman and Steven Bancarz, Spirit Science and Metaphysics

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