What Could Possibly Await Us in the Afterlife?

Every person, at some point in their life, asks the currently unanswerable question: “What is waiting for us after our lives have ended and ...

Every person, at some point in their life, asks the currently unanswerable question: “What is waiting for us after our lives have ended and our bodies have halted?”

By Nick Harding, Learning Mind

Like many of my conclusions I state in my articles, there can only be a speculative answer to this.

After a lot of research, thought, and constructive debating, I have reached what I consider a logical theory; at least a theory in which I want to believe, which is all that can be said about many things.

I intend to share my thoughts on what could be waiting for us in “the great beyond”, as well as discuss a few other commonly accepted possibilities.

Some people choose to believe in the notion of the pearly gates leading to heaven, and that our actions and devotions are judged by a higher power. Others choose to believe that absolutely nothing exists and that death is just an end to an adventure.

There’s even a theory that when we die we simply spend eternity wandering, lost and alone, through the absolute darkness. Most of our hopes and beliefs regarding the afterlife are based in theology – more than who are willing to admit it question their religions and have wavering faith, trying to live with uncertainty.

So, what it seems to come down to is that we believe what we would most like to believe. Even if it isn’t a conscious interest or decision. What I would like to believe is that we are all correct.

Take into consideration what we understand about the energy-based nature of reality and the world around us, that the energy of the astral realm is our foundational reality and all physical structuring is mandated by the principals of energy, including physics.

Our worlds are subject to control by our thoughts; not even just a positive attitude influencing the course of a day, but even further. For instance, the idea of the Tulsa, a pure energy form or spirit which is willed into life by our thoughts, focus, and obsession.

In a world where our thoughts have an impact on the energy around us, and our personal outlook changes our overall perception of our surroundings, maybe we have just as much control over our own afterlife.

If we can influence the way we perceive the physical world on a daily basis, and our thoughts have enough power to will entities into existence, maybe we spend every day subconsciously creating the afterlife which we really believe in.

Any psychologist will tell you that we are all quick to lie to ourselves. Having a consciousness (and a conscience) essentially means that you also come equipped with your own, personal, subconscious defenses.

We all have a system of barricades, automatic responses, and various means of self-delusion – some of us have more of a capacity for it than others.

Beneath this subterfuge, the reality of everything lies partially hidden from our witness. People who are genuinely bad people will be subconsciously aware of their nature, regardless of how they consciously view themselves.

The guilt of repetitive bad actions, intentionally hurting people, negatively influencing lives, will have just as much influence on their section of the eternal energy in the astral realm.

So, a good person who consciously sacrifices for the betterment of the world and those around them would also be influencing their portion of the astral.

Our subconscious is the scale which weighs our sins, and the goodness of life, all of the positive energy which recycles through our universe and all good intention, is the judge. It is my belief that we will end up, after the fall, in a reality befitting ourselves.

I don’t judge others on their thoughts or theology because, in my eyes, every one of us is seeing it right. Buddhist beliefs, Christian beliefs, and all other theologies are right.

What we face when we pass is a creation of our own intentions and expectations. It is my belief that, what we truly believe, is what will come to be.

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