How to Recognize Heart-Attack Symptoms One Month Ahead

It is common knowledge that the symptoms of a heart-attack can be detected just before the myocardial infarction (heart-attack) occurs. The ...

It is common knowledge that the symptoms of a heart-attack can be detected just before the myocardial infarction (heart-attack) occurs.

The attack can be sudden and almost without a warning, which makes it one of the deadliest medical conditions. However, few know that it is possible for us to detect subtle clues to an impending cardiac event even a month before the actual heart-attack.

Heart-attacks occur when a coronary artery has a gradual build-up of plaque. This results with blood supply loss and eventually the attack.

When a heart-attack occurs a tissue dies as a result of the lack of a blood flow and the person experiences an excruciating pain and crushing pressure. If there is no medical person to immediately prevent the attack, the death of the tissue can be fatal.

Here you can read about the symptoms that can point to a possible heart-attack that could happen in the near future. It is said that these symptoms can indicate an impending attack even up to a month before it even happens.

1. Excessive Fatigue

When a coronary artery narrowing is reaching a dangerous level your heart receives less blood, which makes the heart muscle work harder than normal and thus you feel excessive tiredness.

2. Shortness of Breath

If you find it increasingly difficult to catch a breath, you may be in a risk of an impending heart-attack.

When the heart gets less blood, it means less oxygen is carried to the lungs which results in shortness of breath. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems completely depend on one another, so this can be a good indicator of an attack.

3. Weakness

When your body lacks oxygen because of reduced blood flow, you will feel weaker than usual. This is because the artery narrowing hinders the blood circulation, thus your muscles don’t receive enough blood.

4. Dizziness and/or Cold Sweats

When a heart-attack is on its way, you may experience unusual episodes of cold sweats and/or dizziness. The poor cardiac circulation restricts the blood flow to the brain, which results with clamminess and dizziness, especially when you get up suddenly of your chair or bed.

5. Discomfort in the Chest

The lack of oxygen to the heart muscle as a result of the lesser blood flow can cause discomfort in the chest. The pain may increase until the actual heart-attack hits.

What to Do?

If you happen to experience any of these symptoms or a combination of them, you should immediately seek advice from your doctor. These are all signs that may indicate an impending heart-attack, and the best way to prevent it is to react upon the symptoms.

Women tend to have much subtler symptoms, so when they have been discovered it may be too late. This is why women should visit their physician at regular intervals for a complete check-up.

Always insist on testing if you feel your body behaves strangely, especially if your family has a history of heart diseases. Many people have been treated for anxiety in such cases, which later turned out to be a heart-attack.

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