What Your Favorite Color Says About You

by Steven Bancarz, The Spirit Science Color psychology is the fascinating science of how the colors of the light spectrum influence our moo...

by Steven Bancarz, The Spirit Science

Color psychology is the fascinating science of how the colors of the light spectrum influence our mood and behaviour.

For example, placebo pills that are hot-colored tend to produce a stronger effect when patients believe they are taking stimulants, and light blue pills produce a stronger effect when they believe they are taking medication for depression.

According to a 1997 survey by Cooper Marketing Group, 35% of Americans say that their favorite color is blue, followed by followed by green (16%), purple (10%) and red (9%). 

It is believed that blue and green have such a calming and positive effect on people because of what we would have associated these colors with in our ancient history. 50,000 years ago, blue and green would mean water, food sources and shelter.

You may have noticed that in different seasons of your life you have been drawn to different colors. This is quite normal and represents the transition of your life from one phase to the next. As our psychology evolves, so will our preferences.

So what does your favorite color (or colors) say about you? Find out below!

Black, Red, Brown or Gray

These colors all represent the protective root, or base chakra. Those who are drawn to these colors usually have a tough exterior, and may be hiding a soft heart. Strength and passion are characteristics of people who associate with these colours, and they are usually very energetic.


This color represents the sacral chakra. Those who are drawn to the color orange are usually very creative and have a healthy sex life. They love spending time on adventures, and tend to be very down-to-earth people.


Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra. People who wear a lot of yellow tend to be powerful, action oriented people. Because of this, they tend to make good leaders and good business people.  Although they are wise, they can also be very stubborn.


Green represents the heart chakra. If green is your favourite color, then you are likely very connected to your heart and your emotional center. Because of this, these people tend to be very good healers and listeners. They’re greatest joy in life comes from helping other people.


Blue is the color of the throat chakra. Those who appreciate the color blue are often avid communicators, and can talk to anyone. People who associate with blue are also tend to be more emotional and more empathetic, and may be introverted.


Purple represents the third eye chakra. If you love the color purple, chances are you are somewhat intuitive, and are able to sense what isn’t readily here in the physical dimension. You may have enhanced psychic abilities because you identify with a higher mental or spiritual plane. People who prefer purple are usually thirsty for knowledge.


Pink represents the crown chakra. People who like pink tend to be joyful and eager to make other people happy. They try to see the best in everything, and make the best of every situation. They are light-hearted and outgoing.

Do these interpretations resonate with you? What is your favorite color?

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