The Concept of the Akashic Records Demonstrates That Everything is Connected

Nick Harding, Learning Mind Many people preach interconnectivity, spiritual leaders and common people making their way through life, who ack...

Nick Harding, Learning Mind

Many people preach interconnectivity, spiritual leaders and common people making their way through life, who acknowledge that everything which exists is unified. Whether this unification is perceived as based on energy or based on experiences and common ground (psychologically speaking).

Looking from the perspective of everything being connected through energy, which is known to be infinite and recycled from source to use and back to source again, this definitely makes sense on a basic level.

Take a moment and look at it from a slightly different stance, looking up, to a higher level. A number of religions acknowledge the idea of an “Akashic Record”, which has been defined loosely as a compendium of all knowledge and emotion which has been experienced by every conscious entity since the beginning of our existence.

Some people in the new age have used the analogy comparing the records to a computer hard-drive storage center of the universe.

In order for any system to communicate with another system, there has to be some form of connection. Whether this connection is handled through a physical cable, like a hard-drive on a computer or fiber-optics, like high-speed network communication, this connection has to exist.

So, assuming this concept of a knowledge center for everything in existence is factual, every conscious being would be connected to this “storage device”. The implications of this concept seem to explain some commonly noticed attributes: empathic emotions, the idea of beginner’s luck, and being an incredibly quick learner.

Imagine, for a moment, that every person isn’t just connected to the Akashic Records, but has some access to it, that we are all able to “read” parts of it when it suits our needs. It would make sense that some people would be better at reading than others, or have their nose a little deeper in the book at all times. This could explain the empathic people we’re all familiar with.

The person who, if you walk into a room in a bad mood, can tell without even looking at you, no matter how good you think you are at hiding it. Or the other type of empath we’re all familiar with, and probably know, who just can’t be happy if they’re around people who aren’t.

It makes sense that, if they are “reading” the Akashic records, which is connecting all consciousness and recording emotional state and memory, they would then know and be affected by your current mindset.

Most of us have to work very hard to get a good understanding of something and consider ourselves skilled in it. This may be through college where we learn a trade that will be our career for life, or in something more simplistic like a video game that we spend far too many hours perfecting the mechanics.

We’ve all had an experience where someone who knows nothing about the topic, game, or skillset walks in and immediately does just as well or better than us. This only seems to happen when they first start on it, with a fresh and open mind, not knowing what to expect, and has come to be considered “beginner’s luck”.

In my opinion, the existence and connection to the Akashic records could very well explain this phenomenon, as well.

When one has a clear mind and no anticipation for events which are to unroll, walking blindly forward down an unfamiliar path, that person is open to influence that someone who is “set in their ways” would otherwise not experience.

Being open to the universe is not an easily attainable conscious act, but in the case where there is no previous knowledge on a particular subject, the ability to stay open to interconnectivity is second nature. The ability to draw on thousands of experiences and knowledge becomes second nature.

This is a new perspective to me, personally. I’ve known of the concept of the Akashic Records since I was very young, but hadn’t ever applied it to universal interconnectivity in this sense before. It is an accepted truth to me that we are all connected, not just to each other, but to everything around us.

The flower of life and associated sacred geometry supports this, and isn’t exactly irrelevant, but not something I’ll be going into depth within this article. Many religions and spiritual belief structures have some form of universal knowledge base, or storage epicenter, and refer to it by different names.

To see the connection between this epicenter and the core of all life is a humbling notion, one which I intend to delve further into through the course of my life, and recommend others to contemplate the potential implied by this concept.

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