by Openhand Well the Spiritual Metaphor in the Movies just keeps stacking up. Have you seen the new Divergent film "Insurgent" ...

by Openhand

Well the Spiritual Metaphor in the Movies just keeps stacking up. Have you seen the new Divergent film "Insurgent" yet?

Like a raft of similar movies in the vein of Hunger Games, it speaks of a deeply divided world, controlled and suppressed, but with courageous souls breaking through and breaking out.

The divine is deeply active here on the planet right now, and is using all manner of ways in which to speak. New Media is clearly one of the main channels.

So what can we glean from this movie?
How might it help all evolving souls?

Accessing Higher Mind

Are you still skeptical about such guidance techniques? Even that there is divine guidance? The Mother Tongue of the Universe is Divine Synchronicity.

Humanity is emerging from eons of darkness where everything appears to be separate, events random, and he's supposed to control the outcome with mindful intelligence. How sad!
"When we get out of the mind however and into the heart, then consciousness begins to expand into other dimensions where the universe is constantly speaking. Everything has its co-creative flow and purpose. As we witness this, and follow it, life begins to click magically into place."
Especially successful artists in the mainstream seem to have an open channel into higher mind, despite the continued resistance from their bretheren.

It is no surprise then that increasingly, more of them are intuiting the deeper meaning of what's actually transpiring across our world and depicting it in their stories...
"So we've got to continue to break through resistant skeptical minds, listen more from the heart and the Telepathic Knowing Exchange of Higher Mind. It's only then that we'll fully grasp the big picture."
So what does this latest Divergent parable "Insurgent" have to say?

7 Qualities of Pure Beingness
Firstly, just as with the Hunger Games, we see how humanity has been divided into separate 'factions', such that he could be marginalised and controlled.

The factions are compartmentalised around a particular aspect of beingness:

"Dauntless" (the brave), "Amity" (the peaceful), "Erudite" (the intelligent), "Abnegation" (the selfless), "Candor" (the honest) and "Factionless" (those not belonging to any faction).

I found this aspect fascinating, because it shows how, when we're not being present with all aspects of being, measured in our various characteristics of nature, then how we become distorted and able to be manipulated.

But along then come the "Divergents" - those who fit into none of the factions. Yet here's the fascinating observation that emerges from the plot:
"We discover that a Divergent can break the system - the matrix - by being skilled in the qualities of ALL the various traits of the other factions. It demonstrates that by unveiling the full compliment of your beingness, you become an 'insurgent consciousness' to break the old reality down."
How cool is that!

Here are 7 qualities of beingness that are enfolded into the soul, which when we can unveil and master, has a powerfully transformative impact on your immediate surroundings and environment...
The Soul's Purpose and the Seven Rays

Breaking the Matrix

When the star of the show - Tris - manages to access and excel in all these faction qualities within a virtual reality challenge, she unlocks an intriguing box with an ancient secret - a bridge to the founders of reality.

They share the purpose of humanity and how to break out beyond the confines of 'his' imprisonment.
"For me, this was the most poignant part of the movie. It touched something deep in my heart. It is definitely an encoded message from the divine."
Here's the trailer. The movie is dramatised with it's guns, flashes and bangs. It seems society can't get far these days without these apparent 'necessities'. No worries, it's still a powerful message. See if it stirs something in you.

Could you be Divergent?

The Divergent book series and movie are available on Amazon.

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