3 Ways to Stay Awake in a World that is Asleep

How do we thrive once we’re awake, in a society that is designed to keep us asleep? Our world is designed purposefully to keep us distracted...

How do we thrive once we’re awake, in a society that is designed to keep us asleep? Our world is designed purposefully to keep us distracted and disconnected from each other.

by The Spirit Science

Who ever heard of a world where when you get on a bus, you could have awesome group conversations with all the passengers.

Or just walking down the street, you see and feel your inherent connection with everyone and can freely communicate with ease. In this world, there is a deep understanding that we are one, so no one is a stranger; we are all aspects of each other.

Until we collectively exist in that reality, you can:

1. Learn

Study, research, inquire and explore. What are the topics that you’re drawn to? Within the realm of spirituality, there are so many subjects to get information on.

Aliens, chakras, energy, universal laws, human connection, even science and technology are ‘spiritual’ topics.

There is a lot of true information on the internet while there is also a tremendous amount of falsity. The biggest part of this is being able to discern the truth from the blatant lies.

The more you read the more puzzle pieces you put together and you start to see the big picture. When everything connects, discerning the truth becomes a second nature.

It’s all about what resonates with you at your core. Listen to the truths that you are drawn to, you are pulled towards it for a reason.

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2. Spread Your Knowledge

This is what being human is all about – connection! Not teaching someone something because you know secret information they don’t, but sharing your experiences. Share what you know, share YOUR truths and your wisdom to those who want to listen.

Finding open minded people in a closed off society is a great treat. If you have friends or even family members who you can talk to about what interests you in the new age.

When I was first waking up, I loved talking to my friends about all the crazy things I was learning.

I was just finding out about multidimensional beings and understanding the fundamental structure that creates reality. Being able to share this knowledge was tremendously supportive and helpful for my awakening.

Talk to people you love, talk anonymously online, just release your energy in some way before it builds up too much! There is a lot to learn and we need to explore it all together.

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3. Create

With the knowledge you’ve gathered and the passion that’s built up inside you – create something! Get together with like minded people to create the foundation for the new world. This is how to stay awake and awaken others in a world that puts you to sleep.

Think of eco friendly, world transforming, pollution destroying, connection building creations. What are you drawn to and what impact do you want to make on this Earth?

The more you spread your understanding, reach out and make connections, the more like minded people you will find who want to do the same thing as you.

The more that connection ripples out, the farther it spreads out and that conscious awareness reaches more people. When enough people are able to open their belief system enough, the shift from an asleep world to an awakened one takes place.  

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It is a process of each person expanding their awareness to be able to accept new ideas until we remember - oh yeah we’re infinitely powerful creators having a human experience.

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