285,000 German Women Raped at the End of WWII

by Red Ice Creations Is Exposing Allied War Crimes an honorable act? No, it’s slandering heroes according to Daily Mail. A recent articl...

by Red Ice Creations

Is Exposing Allied War Crimes an honorable act? No, it’s slandering heroes according to Daily Mail.

A recent article from the Daily Mail that pretends to look at the post WWII crimes and rapes of the Allies against the German people is actually damage control.

It’s really an attempt to divert away from the true horrors that was visited upon Germany towards the end of the war and the years following.

The article opens by focusing on Private Blake W. Mariano, a sick rapist who actually was reprimanded for his crime. This one story, out of hundreds of thousands, where someone actually was caught and later hung for his crimes.

In reality very few were ever punished. Since the policy was “from 8 to 80”, it was open season on German girls, teenagers, women and old ladies. We hear that the Red Army was involved in this, but rape was a far more encouraged past time activity for Allied soldiers then people realize.

More and more information in recent years has been coming out about the second world war. It should be clear to anyone who takes a more objective approach to this devastating event that the “heroic allies” were no saints. This wasn’t at all “the good war” as we’ve been told.

The attempts by the mainstream media to side track the issues and divert away from the real crimes are now becoming more and more desperate.

Case in point: the Daily Mail charge Miriam Gebhardt, the author of the new book “When The Soldiers Came,” that details these crimes with being a Feminist and the leftist. That is supposed to make her … what, impartial? Perhaps, however the fundamental questions remain: are her claims true?

We’ve not read this book yet, and it might turn out that this too is damage control – something to absorb the enthusiasts into thinking they are getting the “real story” while the true extent of the atrocities are not given much attention.

Like President Eisenhower's Death camps for example.

Make no mistake about it, what happened to Germany after the war was one of the most horrific events in modern history …and it’s being covered up to this day.

To get a glimpse of a picture that hasn’t been airbrushed by the allies and their post war propaganda we recommend that you listen to our interview with author Thomas Goodrich, and then pick up a copy of his book Hellstorm.

Daily Mail attempts by the time they are done with their hit piece have you believe that anything that historian Professor Miriam Gebhardt brings to the table about this issue is not worth looking at, that she is exaggerating the numbers. With all likelihood, she is being conservative.

For much more on these atrocities see justice4germans.com
Thomas Goodrich's book is available on Amazon. Miriam Gebhardt's book is only available in German.

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