Large-Scale Study: Green Tea Protects Against Cancer of the Digestive System

by Elizabeth Renter, Natural Society ; If you haven’t heard of the link between green tea and cancer risk reduction, you’re about to righ...

by Elizabeth Renter, Natural Society;

If you haven’t heard of the link between green tea and cancer risk reduction, you’re about to right now.

Scientists have repeatedly demonstrated that green tea has anti-cancer benefits. A new, large-scale statistical survey combines this information to show just how potent the natural beverage can be.

The study’s findings were first published in Reuters and then in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It was conducted by Shanghai Women’s Health Study and involved nearly 70,000 non-smoking, middle-aged or older women who regularly drank green tea.

The women in the study drank green tea three times a week, which is somewhat lower than amounts used in prior studies. Still the results were promising, showing a reduce risk of colon, stomach, and throat cancer.

The women had a 14% lower risk of developing cancer of the digestive system. And, if they drank more than the three cups weekly, this risk dropped even further.

While Reuters said the type of woman who drinks green tea may live a healthier life overall, this isn’t the only study where green tea has been shown to have a positive reduction in cancer risk.

In men, green tea produces a smaller risk of prostate cancer, somehow reducing levels of the PSA protein associated with the cancer, and reducing prostate inflammation.

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Another study, this one from Japan, took those other health factors into consideration — dashing Reuter’s concerns — and found that people who drank five cups of green tea per day could reduce their risk of lymph cancers by 48% and blood cancers by 42%.

While five cups may seem like a lot, many people drink that much coffee in a single morning.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and because it is usually less processed than other teas, it retains more of these toxin-fighting compounds. These components can also help reduce the signs of aging, protect the skin from sun damage, and even reduce stress on the cells of the body.

The health benefits of green tea have been utilized since ancient times for good reason.

This amazing food is great for flu prevention, graceful aging, accelerated fat loss, sunburn prevention, stress reduction, and much more. Get your daily dose of green tea starting today!

Further reference: Huffington Post

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