New Year's Resolutions: 5 Steps to Make Them Better And Stick to Them

The end of the New Year and the start of another is a great time for anyone looking to tie up some loose ends and dedicate themselves to a n...

The end of the New Year and the start of another is a great time for anyone looking to tie up some loose ends and dedicate themselves to a new task.

Most people go through the ritual of telling everyone what their “New Year’s Resolution” is, and that’s great, but it can also lead to disappointment when those plans fall through. So this year, when you are making those promises, keep these tips in mind.

5. Keep Your Goals Small

While you may think this is counterproductive, it really isn’t! In fact, you can have more goal as long as you keep them small, they are called milestones. Each goal is related to the other, and therefore will build upon your success.

Even if something comes up to where you are currently unable to pursue those objectives, you achieved something, and that is better than nothing.

4. Keep Your Goals Realistic

One of the biggest traps people fall into is making very lofty, unrealistic goals. While having lofty goals in some cases may be fine, it is better to understand your own situation before making any promises to yourself.

3. Keep On Plucking Away!

A hurdle many people will face is the dreaded “February Drop-off” which surprisingly follows quickly after Valentine’s Day. Gyms and recreation areas see a spike in membership in January, which tapers off slowly through the month, then declines rapidly following the second to the third week in February.

What that means to you is that there are ten more months left in the year! If making fitness a goal, you still have a lot of time to get back on track.

2. Put Your Heart in It

Many goals that people make around this time of year are pretty superficial; they want to fit in, so they will do what ever it is their role model is doing. Depending on your role model, this could be a great thing or a dangerous thing.

However, you need to really think about these goals, how would it benefit you, what is the outcome, and how would you define success in reaching that objective? These are three critical questions to consider before setting up a game plan to accomplish your goal.

1. Have Fun!

This world is a crazy, harsh place to live in, sometimes stress is enough to set you on edge, there is a simple, free method to reducing stress and anxiety… laughter. Before you call it stupid, it is true.

Laughter releases hormones that help your body relax, which in turn relieves stress. The best way to stay motivated with you goals is to have fun. Find a way to incorporate movement, music, and others to help share in a few laughs every day.

Setting goals is a great way to get things done that may have been put off for later. Finding ways to include others in these objectives also makes you more obligated to maintain your pace, depending on your goal, this could be the perfect thing!

Bringing them to the forefront of your mind and actively pursuing those objectives is all it takes to ensure that your New Year’s Resolution does not end in disappointment.

By Brittany, Learning Mind;

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