Here's Where Vegetarians Get Their Proteins From...

Whenever you are asked that question and begin to have any doubts, it's time to take a closer look at protein profiles from raw vegetabl...

Whenever you are asked that question and begin to have any doubts, it's time to take a closer look at protein profiles from raw vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and eggs as compared to common meats like hamburger, chicken, steak, lamb, turkey, pork, fish and shrimp.

Start with kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, chic peas, cottage cheese, quinoa, almonds and pumpkin seeds. Did you know that raw vegetable protein is bioavailable? Just ask any vegan.

Raw food experts know that vegetables are not digestive nightmares like meat. Vegetables don't tax your immune system while being digested. Your body wants the amino acids.

How will it access them? Is your meat tainted also with hormones and antibiotics? Is it served on a gluten bun, biscuit, sandwich bread or a roll? Are you even eating raw vegetables, or is everything cooked and dead?

"The first question I am often asked when discussing a whole-food, plant-based diet is, 'Where do you get your protein?' Protein has become widely recognized as a miracle macronutrient that, apparently, is challenging to acquire in effective doses. However, this is far from accurate," wrote Julieanna Hever for VegNews.com.
You may hear the carnivores speak of incomplete proteins - don't be alarmed

Alarmists and people who are ignorant of the best protein sources will challenge you in a second if you announce you're vegetarian or vegan in a public setting or at a "get together" where there's a meat grill.

America has sold everyone so well on "beef -- it's what's for dinner" that people think you might get inferior or lower-quality protein from a whole-food, plant-based food regimen. They're far from correct.

They know nothing of making a green smoothie with protein-rich leafy greens, like kale or spinach -- add in some delicious fresh organic fruit like mango and pineapple!

Maybe a drop of organic honey and some raw almonds. This is fat- and animal-free, mind you! And you don't have to combine proteins in every meal. You can supplement with other nuts, seeds and sprouted foods.

"Prime cut" examples for your consideration

How much protein is in a 9 oz. steak? Well, let's get through all the fat and cholesterol and then we can talk. See you in about four hours. Maybe you should split that steak with someone.

You'll still get about 35 ounces of protein. That goes for the 9 oz. top sirloin too -- just split it and get about 30 grams of protein. Same goes for flank steak.

So what now?

Turkey and chicken breast packs about 17 to 18 grams of protein in an average serving -- say maybe a deli sandwich or a chicken leg. And what about that slab of tuna, salmon or halibut?

You might get 22 to 26 grams of protein in a 3 oz. fillet, if you're lucky. That's if it hasn't been washed with disinfectants.

As for cheese, expect about 5 grams in your cottage cheese helping, and maybe 9 grams in your slices. Pork loins and veal weigh in at around 30 grams of protein in a pork chop or a 3 oz. slice of veal. Big deal.

What now America? -- Tofu? No thanks.

Don't eat the soy. That's a trick too.

Eggs will get you some protein -- about 6 grams from a large one. And finally... milk... that cup will find you 14 grams in a usual cup, but with that you get animal fat, maybe mixed with some GMO and hormones.

Onward we travel to immediate-access proteins. Nuts and seeds, including pumpkin, squash and watermelon seeds, can pack an astonishing 9 grams of protein in just one ounce. Bye-bye steak and hamburger! Grab some pistachios (6g), some sunflower seeds (6g) and then some flaxseed (5g) and off you go to the gym!

Protein, the macronutrient necessary for proper growth and function of the human body, can be found in protein-packed that plants you can thrive upon! Do you know about high-protein profiles in spirulina and chlorella? Here comes your "potent" nutrition!

Plant-based foods are virtually free from cholesterol and often high in fiber; plus, they alkalize the body, whereas animal products and byproducts are devoid of fiber, acidify the body and can leach calcium from your bones. Oops.

Also, you don't have to decrease oxygen levels in your blood; just choose raw vegetables and quinoa instead of meat.

"Meat is murder" - so here comes kale to the rescue!

Here's a quick inside look at the power of kale, and then this research is complete. Kale is anti-inflammatory. Kale has MORE iron than beef. Kale contains more calcium per calorie than milk.

One serving of kale contains your daily need for fiber. It's loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Kale boosts immunity with carotenoids and flavonoids as antioxidants. It's sustainable!

So, you were saying? Where's the protein in vegetables? Don't worry about vegetarians and vegans not getting enough protein; worry about how hard meat can be on the digestive tract and how that it might just be taxing YOUR immunity.

Kale -- it's the new beef!

By S. D. Wells, Natural News; | References: healthaliciousness; healthyeating; organicauthority; incrediblesmoothies; Tim Van Orden and the Protein Myth;

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