1950’s LSD Experiments Conclude With Fascinating Results

When under controlled conditions, several subjects agreed to experiment with LSD in the 1950’s.  Their results are remarkable and not only...

When under controlled conditions, several subjects agreed to experiment with LSD in the 1950’s. 

Their results are remarkable and not only show the power of love, but how we are all connected outside of this 3rd dimensional illusion.

In the first video, Dr. Sidney Cohen administered LSD to a 1950’s housewife, who upon taking it, only sees love and beauty in everything.

She could literally feel the air and see colors within molecules. The subject stated:

“I am one with everything I am. You have to see the air… you can’t believe it! I have never seen such infinite beauty in all of my life. This is reality.”

In this next video, an artist is given LSD in a controlled experiment. He draws a picture before the experiment and is asked to draw pictures throughout the experiment. The results are quite fascinating.

While under the influence of LSD, the subject was asked to close his eyes and then asked to draw what he saw. It’s interesting to note that the artist is left handed and predominately draws from the creative side of his brain.

The subject’s last meal was the previous evening. The experiment began at noon the following day. The subject was brought some food at 1PM to which he called, “repugnant” adding,
“What I’m hungry for is not this sort of thing because I want to feed off of this feeling of joy which seems to be coming from everything.”
Shortly afterwards, the subject added,
“I would never eat a hamburger again because it’s so vulgar.”
The artist was asked to draw a man throughout this experiment. During the second drawing of the subject (the first was done before taking LSD), the artist became emotional, as he saw beauty in everything, just like the woman in the first video. The drawing became more abstract, reflecting his perception of the subject.

For most people, LSD magnifies the psyche. For example, if one has emotional issues, the trip would most likely be horrendous. Overall, the feeling of universal love and joy seem to be the predominant emotions in the above videos.

It seems that when we remove the every day stressors, albeit with an illicit substance, a new perception of life is perceived.

This article was not written to promote LSD. It shows that there is more to this reality than what our five senses can perceive.

The lesson learned in these two videos is the power of love and how love overrides everything in this world of 3rd dimensional reality.

Gregg Prescott, M.S., in5d;

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