8 Crazy Symptoms of Being in Love

Love is an inspiration for all: artists, singers, actors, writers etc. Everyone experiences love in their own way but most commonly, it make...

Love is an inspiration for all: artists, singers, actors, writers etc. Everyone experiences love in their own way but most commonly, it makes people happy, crazy and even… a little bit weird.

It inspires us to try new things, to change and to be better versions of ourselves. But why does this happen? And what are the most familiar symptoms of being in love? Read on to find out.

8. You become motivated to do things you don’t usually do

You may notice that you are willing to get out of your comfort zone more often than before falling in love. For example, men can take yoga classes with their girlfriend or go for a pedicure.

Or girls can watch sport games they wouldn’t normally watch. There are different examples but the point is that you see what your partner values and you are more willing to try it now, when you are in love, than any other time before.

7. You smile more

You may not realize it but when in love you smile a lot more than usual. You might have seem how people smile while texting on their phones. That is an indicator that they are liking the company of the person who they are chatting with.

While you are in love you experience weird giggles and bursts of happiness in most random situations even if the person who you are in love with isn’t right next to you. You just need a little something that reminds you of them and you get that occasional endorphin rush. Don’t mind the people who might be looking at you like you are crazy.

6. You put more effort into your appearance

Trying to look nice has never been of bigger importance than it is when you fall in love.

Although you want to impress the person of your affection with your intellect, humor or beautiful soul, you also want to do your best at impressing them with good taste in your choice of clothing and maybe even hairstyle. You might even feel more motivated to start training harder.

By taking care of your appearance your give yourself a nice confident boost which can only help you to do your best at impressing your partner.

5. Your hormones go wild

When you fall in love you must have noticed that your face blushes easily, you get excited and nervous in the same time, your hands sweat more and you have that strange euphoric feeling in your head.

It feels like you are floating in air. All these body responses are due to you hormones. The human hormones tend to go crazy when you are in love. Levels of adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and vasopressin increase and lead to all that crazy and amazing feelings you are experiencing when in love.

4. You are more likely to sing

People who sing or hum when doing different everyday activities tend to feel more carefree and happy as a whole. Even if you are not that good of a singer, singing can be an indicator that you are going through something exciting and you just want to let all the joy spring out of you.

3. You become less selfish

You start and end your day with the thought of someone other than yourself. Even throughout the day when you are busy or just going through your daily activities, that person pops up into your mind many times or at least stays in the back of your head all day.

And you don’t realize how that’s happening. It is an automatic process, almost as your mind is programmed to do it. And you can’t help it because it happens even when you are trying to concentrate on something important. You are also thinking of someone other’s interests and needs other than yours.

2. You constantly wonder what they are doing right this moment

When you are falling in love, you might catch yourself constantly thinking what your beloved one is doing right now or how are they feeling, what their favorite song is. All kinds of things you feel the need to know pop in your head. You can even  become a little obsessive but be careful with that.

1. You put your pink glasses on

When you are in love, you love everything that your partner is. You love each and every one of their perfect flaws. You love their voice, smell, every move they make, their smile and their mind. Everything they do seems magical. It is no surprise why they call love a drug. It is as addictive as it is precious and exciting.

By Eevee G., I Heart Intelligence;

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