The Next Level: How to Channel Your Higher Self

What comes to mind when you think of the idea of channelling? It is much more than ‘an alien entity speaking through you’ or as skeptics w...

What comes to mind when you think of the idea of channelling?

It is much more than ‘an alien entity speaking through you’ or as skeptics would consider ‘a well practiced message that garners popularity.’

Channelling is being just that; a channel. A channel for energy to flow through you –  an endless ebb and flow rippling throughout all levels of reality. We are all conduits of energy, so just by breathing and just by being – you are  channelling.

We all have the innate ability to bring a ‘higher’ source of consciousness through us. Anything that comes through you as a separate entity still exists as an aspect of you. Channelling ‘Archangel Micheal’ is information filtered through the angelic aspect of you. We are all different expressions of the same energy.

So the idea of channelling can be seen as a constant, unconscious act of life. To consciously connect with and channel a higher source takes time and practice.

It is the act of clearing your mind, allowing information to come in the form of energy pulses, images, words, or feelings while simultaneously translating it verbally or otherwise.

We can all become more conscious of when we are channelling, which is just purposefully bringing energy through you. This can be applied to every moment of your life, especially in social situations.

When you’re hanging out with your friends and you all desperately want to remember something like a detail of a story or a persons name and then, out of nowhere it just comes to you.

What synapses connected in your brain that allowed you to retrieve the information? Maybe there was a train of thought that brought it to you or it just popped into your head.

Where was that idea when you pulled it into your consciousness? That is an act of channelling. All the information is already inside of us, waiting to be explored.

When you grasp that information from the ether, you remember that person’s name and there is an expelling of energy in the form of relief. Everyone moves on from the ‘This is going to bother me until I remember’ moment.

What channelling yourself means, is to be the most of yourself you possibly can. To really feel the moment and bring forth what just comes to you.

Neutralizing the Moment

In moments of stress, try to energetically step back from the situation to calm yourself down. This can be going on a quick train of thought if there is moment to. When I’m in the middle of some verbal altercation, a lot of the time I have to stop for a moment and think about whatever comes to mind.

This helps me not get too overwhelmed but I need to make sure I stay focused and engaged. If I can follow a thought to something uplifting, I can enter the conversation again with an energy that has the intention to lift everyone up.

The hardest part of this is putting the thought into action. When I go off in thought for too long, I miss chances to steer the conversation in a lighter direction.

Sometimes if I miss enough chances, I don’t want to jump in anymore and the energy gets denser and harder to navigate. In these moments,  feel that you are safe and let that feeling of security propel you forward into discussion.

That purposeful push to speak is channelling, and sometimes you just don’t want to do it. The response, or lack of response can seem too daunting and not worth experiencing.

It’s been continually demonstrated to me that it’s always worth it – the whole vibe of the situation can be instantly alleviated, leaving everyone energetically recharged.

This is something I’ve been stuck in for some time now, I’ve allowed my fear of judgement to override my emotions, my passion and forward motion. I end up creating a loop of not saying what I want, then being frustrated with myself and everyone else for not knowing  as well – and how could they?

It manifests as this childish energy that translates to me feeling guilty and apologizing for syphoning everyone’s energy. Instead of shifting my vibration to hold my own joy, I rely on others to hold it for me.

I’m learning how to genuinely do things for others out of love, not so I can feel like I did something worth recognition.

Say what you feel

Channelling is listening to your feelings and manifesting it through some kind of message. Channelling yourself in the moment is saying what you feel and allowing it to really flow through you without any filters.

Have you ever had those frustrating moments where you can’t find the words to express yourself? Then you have those other moments where every word fits amazingly to create the most detailed and articulated thought.

The difference between these experiences correlates with how connected you are to your emotional body – how much you are allowing yourself to feel.

The other week I was trying to recall a conversation and I was told to go back to how I felt in the moment, not what I said but how those words made me feel.

Instantly a flood of conversation came to me based on how I felt towards each statement. Channelling yourself to speak fluidly and flawlessly is connecting the words to a feeling and immediately understanding what to say.

If you’re in a situation where you feel scared or reluctant to speak, you can push through that feeling with an explanation of why you feel that way and see what it transforms into. When you get the clouding emotions out of the way, there is infinite room for you to channel what you really want to say.

I’ve had so many irritating moments of not knowing how to explain something because my emotions were blocking the thoughts to flow. Follow the emotion to the core, go through the thoughts and memories that are connected to the feeling. Take the time to travel through your thoughts and feel the core issue.

If I’m trying to describe an apple but my mind is being pulled to think about a banana, I need to go through the process of finding out why the thought of a banana is overriding my thought of the apple.

Sometimes it can be completely subconscious and seemingly irrelevant. The end results in a release of the need to focus on the banana and allows space for purposeful concentration.

Try to apply this to social situations. To be able to have a consistent flow where you’re just ‘on it’, where ideas keep coming and the stream of your thoughts is uninterrupted, you need to sort through the thoughts and emotions that are doing the interrupting.

Be present in the moment

Channelling yourself is to reflect what someone is saying in a way that progresses the interaction forward. When you’re ‘in the zone’ and every thought is just coming to you, it is because there are no underlying thoughts, feelings or memories blocking it.

This is a constant practice that is woven through each and every moment. If someone says something that upsets you, holding that feeling in with no communication creates future blockages.

Channelling yourself is acting on what upset you and resolving it in the moment so it can be fully released and have a closed vibration to it.

Channeling yourself is knowing what to say and having that desired push to say it, no matter how difficult or scary it seems. It is releasing the fear of saying something wrong and trusting, knowing and realizing that you are heard.

By Lexie, The Spirit Science;

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