Chris Brown Tweets: "Ebola is a Form of Population Control"

For the establishment, Chris Brown is an ideal foil to counter rising suspicion. The singer tweeted on Monday he thinks Ebola is a form of p...

For the establishment, Chris Brown is an ideal foil to counter rising suspicion. The singer tweeted on Monday he thinks Ebola is a form of population control.

In short time the establishment media was all over him. Mixed in the commentary was a reminder that the rapper had beaten up his then girlfriend, recording artist Rihanna, and he is a convicted felon who served time in prison.

Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, said earlier this month he believes Ebola was designed to kill black people.

Government Specializes in Manufacturing Deadly Viruses

Considering the behavior of the United States government, suspicion about Ebola is entirely warranted.

For decades the United States military and its intelligence agencies have used the population as guinea pigs to test a variety of chemical, biological and radiological weapons. More details here.

The sanctity of human life is low on the priority list. The U.S. war machine has killed millions of innocent civilians, from Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the killing fields of Vietnam, Iraq and others scattered across dozens of third world countries, so:
“developing biological weapons from collecting monstrously lethal specimens of the Ebola virus should come as no surprise,” writes Joachim Hagopian.
Chris Brown's tweet:
Louis Farrakhan's tweet:

Ebola, Owned by the U.S. Government

The government owns a patent on Ebola, though apologists note it is a different strain than the one ravaging Africa. Here is the patent.

This begs an ominous question – was the current strain invented?
“Regardless of whether or not the original Ebola virus was a government invented germ biological warfare agent or whether the current Ebola virus is a variation of the original virus, one thing is for sure: this current strain of Ebola appears to have the potential of killing millions – if not billions – of people,” writes Jerry McGlothlin.
Ebola Vaccine: Big Pharma and Government Alliance

More likely than an effort to cull the population – and the ruling elite have expressed an interest in this, as the Georgia Guidestones attest – if the current Ebola epidemic is indeed staged it was done to reap billions of dollars in profit for the financial oligarchy and its big pharma partners.

Fascism – corporatism, as Mussolini knew – invariably produces such arrangements.

Earlier this month we reported on the Pentagon funding an Ebola vaccine under a $140 million project with Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, a Canadian company.
“The most fascinating aspect of the Ebola vaccine manufacturing process is how quickly they have brought it to the trials phase,” writes Dave Mihalovic for Prevent Disease.

“It is virtually impossible for vaccine manufacturers to produce and deliver these drugs in the timeline they have proposed. It typically takes several years from the point of initial vaccine development to human clinical trials, a process which the manufacturers claim is being done in weeks and months. The only way it would have been possible was through years of planning and procurement.”
If Ebola indeed turns into a global pandemic – and it is now nowhere near that – you can bet the government will declare martial law and force millions of Americans to line up at gunpoint for a vaccine.

Vaccine as Population Control

Vaccine pioneer Dr. Maurice Hilleman and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have admitted the polio vaccine was deliberately contaminated with SV40, a cancer-causing monkey virus from 1953 – 63.
“The question of the century is how many other viruses and toxins are within current day vaccines that we’ll only find out about in a few decades?” writes Dave Mihalovic, a naturopathic doctor who specializes in vaccine research.
Population control through vaccine administration would be far more systematic and organized than allowing a deadly virus like Ebola to spread without constraint. If the elite, who again have expressed an interest in population control, are engaged in such an effort it will be spread through vaccination, not a pandemic.

By Kurt Nimmo, Info Wars;

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