Slave, Meet Your Master

This is the richest man in the world, and if you have any cash in your wallet then you have an IOU made out to him. He owns your mortgage, y...

This is the richest man in the world, and if you have any cash in your wallet then you have an IOU made out to him. He owns your mortgage, your car loan, your credit cards, and even your land.

His name is Jacob Rothschild.

You won't see his family's wealth listed in the Forbes list of the world's richest, nor will you hear much about him in the news. The reason is simple.

Not only does he own Forbes, the Associated Press, and just about every other media outlet in the modern world, he also owns the world's central banks.

This includes the Federal Reserve Bank in the United States. The Federal Reserve controls every bank in the United States [and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)]. The bankers control the government... and on it goes.

In fact, there are Rothschild-owned/controlled central banks in all but 3 countries in the world. Now brace yourself. His wealth is an estimated $515 TRILLION. That's not a typo... TRILLION!

To put it in perspective, if his wealth was $100 bills then it would stack all the way to the sun... 15 times.

Watch this video to gain a greater understanding of just who this man is:

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In the 1800s the Rothschilds began creating and controlling central banks. They have amassed the world's largest store of gold bullion and they have the ability to manipulate markets in order to increase their wealth and decrease others'.

Think of the Rothschild family as the family of puppet masters.

Every war, every peacetime, every food shortage; all controlled by them. They own the Bilderberg Group. And if you really want to delve into conspiracy theories, they are behind the Illuminati, Masons, New World Order, etc.

So next time you look in your wallet, remember that the cash you work so hard for is just a Rothschild IOU.

Reference: Political Ears;

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