50 Things My Future Self Would Want Me To Know

In my private coaching, I always ask new clients the same question: What one message does your future self have for you? Although the respon...

In my private coaching, I always ask new clients the same question: What one message does your future self have for you?

Although the responses vary, it all comes back to being comfortable on the journey of life. Your future self might say:

* Things will work out.
* Stop worrying so much.
* Have more fun.

As a reflection on how to live a more balanced and happy life, consider creating your own list of what your future self wants you to know. Maybe these will be on your list too.

1. Forgive yourself.

2. Experience is the best way to learn.

3. Believe in what you can't see.

4. Go for more walks barefoot on the grass.

5. Remember difficult roads lead to divine destinations.

6. If it's meant to be, it will be.

7. Don’t judge people by how they look. Focus on how they make you feel.

8. It’s not what you see that matters. It’s how you see it.

9. Let your heart be your compass.

10. Take more bubble baths.

11. Smile at strangers.

12. Don’t play games especially with yourself.

13. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what is best for you.

14. Find a partner who can keep up with you and grow with you.

15. Walk your dog longer. It’s good for both of you.

16. Stop making excuses. You know that habit is hurting you.

17. Dance like no one is watching.

18. Ignore the health trends and do what feels right for your own body.

19. Don’t lie to yourself. You know it’s time to move on.

20. Let yourself laugh so hard you snort.

21. Eat more vegetables. Seriously, you’ll crave them after a while.

22. Drink more water ... a lot more.

23. Stop obsessing over that blemish.

24. People see your greatness. Start seeing it yourself.

25. You are your own worst critic. Don't believe everything you think.

26. Watch the sunset daily.

27. See your life as a creative adventure.

28. Forgive your friends turned into foes.

29. Watch animals in nature.

30. Find a partner who loves your dog as much as you do.

31. Stop feeling bad for eating and drinking things you love.

32. Love will find you.

33. Spend more time listening to your grandparents’ stories.

34. Swim in the ocean at moonlight.

35. Your mom and dad love you. Stop blaming your parents.

36. It’s OK to say no. Honor yourself.

37. Don’t be afraid of insects. There is no need to kill anything, ever.

38. Stay close to everything that makes you feel alive.

39. Travel to the place you keep daydreaming about.

40. Believe nothing unless it resonates with your own heart.

41. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Hope you all make it.

42. Find a way to love the road you are on.

43. The past is not as relevant as you think. Let it go.

44. Travel more. It will stretch your mind.

45. You aren’t what people say you are.

46. This too will pass.

47. Be kind to yourself.

48. Have more fun. Make play time a priority.

49. You really do get better with age.

50. Everything is going to be all right.

To create your own list grab this FREE Love Your Life to the Fullest Guide.

By Shannon Kaiser, Mind Body Green; | Image: Getty Images;

About author: Shannon Kaiser has been labeled a modern thought leader on the rise by CafeTruth. She is the bestselling author of “Find Your Happy, an Inspirational Guide to Loving Life to Its Fullest,” and the founder of the website PlayWithTheWorld.com, which was awarded Top 75 Best Personal Growth Websites and top 100 Self-Help Blogs on the internet by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Connect on her author Facebook Page or Twitter.

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