Border Patrol Whistleblower: Obama Administration is Aiding & Abetting Mexican Drug Smugglers and Human Traffickers

A U.S. Border Patrol agent has gone public with some incredible charges against the Obama administration, accusing it of "aiding, abett...

A U.S. Border Patrol agent has gone public with some incredible charges against the Obama administration, accusing it of "aiding, abetting and facilitating the smuggling of illegal aliens across the border."

The agent, Hector Garcia, told CNN in a recent interview that the current chaos of mass illegal immigration taking place along the southwest U.S. border is being "organized" and "orchestrated" by Mexico-based drug cartels.

Not only that, but he said the administration is giving the illegal crossers a "free pass" to remain in the country, noting that federal officials are using the equivalent of the honor system in asking the aliens to report later to an immigration hearing, knowing that the majority of them will never do so.

An 'organized, orchestrated' effort
He said "what we are seeing" taking place is "plain and simple, a rampant abuse of our immigration system."

"We have a situation right now where the federal government is pretty much aiding, abetting and facilitating the arrival of these individuals," Garza continued. The aliens "pretty much surrender themselves because they know they are getting a free pass" into the U.S.
Garza said that so many Border Patrol agents and the agency's resources are being diverted to process the illegal arrivals that the crisis is allowing drug cartels uninhibited, undetected access into the U.S. with shipments of illegal drugs and weapons.

As to the crush of humanity arriving on our borders, Garza said it was an "organized, orchestrated" effort by the cartels.

He went on to say that, while some are describing what is happening as a "humanitarian crisis," which it is, more than that it is a "border security crisis."
"We have to make sure that our agents are able to do their jobs," he said. "At this point, about 70 percent of our Border Patrol agents in this area [Laredo, Texas] are being reassigned for processing duties." That leaves just 30 percent of available agents "to actually do field work, to actually patrol our border."

The result is "a very porous border where dangerous criminals and dangerous drugs are entering our country."
Garza also said that, because of the expansive and generous American welfare state, a shrinking number of taxpayers are going to be footing the bill to provide for the illegal immigrant families.
"How do you expect a mother from Honduras that is crossing the country with three to five children, and they're all young-aged children, how do you expect for that mother who comes to this country to actually begin working?" he said.

He continued: "This illegal alien who comes to this country with three to five kids is going to depend on our welfare system, on government assistance. And you know what? That is costing the taxpayer a lot of money."
Immigration rules, impact, expectations have changed throughout U.S. history

Other experts have said that the argument being employed by the president -- that America has always been "a nation of immigrants" -- is both untrue and disingenuous.

Immigration laws have varied throughout the history of the country, they note, adding that most Americans today come from many generations of earlier Americans, even if their great-great-ancestors initially immigrated here.

Also, they point to the fact that, early last century, when the U.S. experienced a wave of European immigration, the country did not have a massive welfare state in place.

Immigrants then were expected to assimilate and fend for themselves, and, as noted in 2012 by Cybelle Fox of the University of California-Berkeley, most assistance came in the form of limited, regional programs and private charities.

Polls show that most Americans do not support unlimited immigration and prefer border security to amnesty. In June, the Gallup polling firm reported that just 31 percent of Americans approved of Obama's handling of immigration, a new low.

By J. D. Heyes, Natural News; | References: News 360; Gallup;

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