8 Different Views of Reality

Many people seek to understand an absolute truth. This truth is often linked with reality. Difficulties arise because there is no clear cons...

Many people seek to understand an absolute truth. This truth is often linked with reality. Difficulties arise because there is no clear consensus on what this truth is. Or if it even exists.

People who purport to have found the truth, and thus reality, have different versions of this truth. As follows, there is no clear answer to the question “What is Reality?” There are so many different ideas on this, some more popular than others.

1. It is Based on a Common Approach

Consensus reality takes the views and experiences of a group of people to collectively form beliefs about reality.

2. It is What Can be Observed

Reality can be defined as the state of the world as it actually exists, rather than an idealised or illusionary view. There are those who state that reality is here and now, what we perceive and how we interpret things. Humans evolved into the present form, and they were born, will die, and that is reality.

3. It is Subjective

Phenomenological reality provides that what a person experiences is instantly real to them. It relies on subjective experiences to shape reality. As people view things differently and subjectively, this can lead to alternative perceptions of reality. Reality is, to a large extent, shaped on the capacity to understand.

4. Physical and Mental Realities are Different

Contemplating reality, there is a physical aspect, one which mainly centres around energy, and a mental aspect concerning awareness. Reality is different depending on the level of awareness.

5. Conscious and Subconscious Realities are Different

The unconscious approach towards shaping reality is to react to events and make decisions on based on them. The conscious approach is one that is chosen and where a decision has been made to live a certain way and experience a reality as intended.

6. It does not Exist

Non-reality provides that nothing is, in fact, real. The quantum theory suggests that simply observing something changes the result. The famous Double Slit experiment implies that there are various realities, with each possible outcome occurring in a parallel universe.

Each observer throughout the different universes would therefore see something different in the experiment. There are limitless versions of reality.

This leads people to question whether the human mind itself is real. The mind develops moment by moment. These moments can be divided into past, present and future moments. There is no single mind.

7. Reality can be Changed

There are some schools of thought that provide it is possible to shape your own individual reality.

It is suggested that using your conscious and subconscious mind together you can intentionally craft your reality by meditating on your greatest wishes and desires. Feel love for the world as it is. Relax and visualise your ideal reality. Imagine this is how things are now.

Invoke all your senses to truly imagine that you are living within your ideal reality. Feel inside that this will happen. End the visualisation and meditation and be calm knowing that your dreams will manifest at an appropriate time.

The Laws of Attraction provide that like attracts like. Using these universal laws can help to change your version of reality.

Raising awareness levels, whether this is through heightening intuition, following a spiritual path, becoming part of a group or by meditation, can greatly influence perceptions of reality.

8. Simple Day to Day Existence

Living a happy and good life and taking each day as it comes without carrying burdens from the past or worries about the future should be a natural way of existing and viewing reality.

Each person’s reality impacts on those around them, whether that is in a positive or negative way, and people should be mindful of their actions.

The reality of life could be simply stated that life, as we know it, is fragile, delicate, and relatively short.

Reference: Operation Meditation;

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