Swiss Scientists Claim ATLANTIS Existed on Mars and Egypt Traded With Them

Swiss scientists say they can prove beyond a doubt that the Lost City of Atlantis was on Mars, and i...

Swiss scientists say they can prove beyond a doubt that the Lost City of Atlantis was on Mars, and its astronauts traded with ancient Egypt for a significant period of time! 

Even more incredible, they claim to have the evidence to show that the legendary King Tut died spectacularly in a space shuttle crash with an alien crew.

“The Martian Civilization destroyed itself or was destroyed by a meteor while Egypt was still in its prime,” Dr. Stephan Weisz told a gathering of reporters and scientists in Bern, Switzerland. 
But the inhabitants left their mark both on Earth and Mars. Top secret photographs taken by America’s Martian probes clearly show the remains of temples on the surface of the planet.
“Egypt’s pyramids and the ability to mummify the human body are definitely the result of technologies that originated not on Earth but someplace else, in this case Mars. It is our belief that the Atlantans traded these technologies to the Egyptians for gold.” 
Dr. Weisz and a colleague, Egyptologist Conrad Vetsch, said that a recently deciphered Egyptian scroll first led them to believe that Atlantis was located on Mars. The scroll describes a technologically advanced civilization existing beyond our own planet “in the vast, black ocean of space.”

It also alludes to space travel and the use of a shuttle craft to ferry manlike extraterrestrials from a space-bound mother ship to the surface of Earth.

“Researchers have long known that the Egyptians were exposed to flight because an elaborate model of what they called a glider was found in Tut’s tomb,” Dr. Weisz told the group. “In light of information gleaned from the scrolls, we now see that the glider was in fact the replica of a space shuttle. And it was just such a space craft that crashed with Tut aboard.”

Not everyone attending the conference agreed with the experts’ theories. Dr. Seth Rausch, a German historian, thinks they went too far in calling the Martian civilization Atlantis.
“I don’t doubt that the Egyptians were in contact with extraterrestrials,” said the expert. “But until we actually inspect the ruins on Mars, there is no way to know if they are the remains of Atlantis.”

“In my opinion, if Atlantis did exist, it existed here on Earth.” 
Norwegian astronomer Elling Gade agreed.
“Atlantis might have been the colony of an alien civilization. But it most definitely was located on this planet,” he said. 
How come none of these scientists were surprised about temples on Mars? How come these scientists seemed to know of scripts that possibly prove the inter action of ancient Egypt and aliens?

What else is it that the scientific elite are aware of, that we are not? Why is it that they think our history, and things that may determine who we are, are none of our concern? Or, is it just that they think the more secrets they have, the more important they are?

Reference: Higher Perspective;

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  1. sadly, after all the expose's on the lies of NASA with Apollo/Skylab and probably every other "space" production they've put on since people are making conclusions based off of their fake "mars" pictures. Even the Russians faked their "moon" flybys in a studio! I think those who run NASA(CIA/Illuminati) must be having themselves a huge laugh at this sad group of heavily degreed idiots at their heavily subsidized drinking/debauchery conference.

  2. NASA is entertainment and was created to divert our attention away from our actual level of technology. The Russians and the USA have bases on the moon and Mars. It is not necessary to use solid fuel rockets to visit these bases. Jumprooms are easier and bypass the danger of the Van Allen belt. We have been perfecting this technology since the 70s. The ETs that met with Eisenhower also met other leaders on earth. The Americans would not give up the nuclear bomb in exchange for advanced space technology but other leaders did. That is why the Russians made advances into space before we did. Our leaders retarded our technology because of their stupid ego-bound idea the the USA was exceptional and could only become the ONE superpower if we kept the bomb. Lucky us!

    1. I also am intrigued by what was taken in the museums of Iraq and Egypt recently. There were apparently many items not on display in the basements of these institutions. I read that the "thieves" knew what they were looking for.

    2. Your intuition is strong. My research suggests it was the real reason for the invasion of Iraz - theft of these artifacts.

      There were clues to our real history there.

  3. Whomever wrote this article ~ im calling bullshit! ...

    The glider object has a falcon head on it. What do the Egyptians believe in thats symbolized by the falcon i ask myself. Also the glider has no tail wings, so that parts definitely shit.

    Dr. Weisz ... is that supposed to impress me, and give this theory some form of legitimacy? well it doesnt. Its just someones belief system that i dont share in.

    Going now, this articles pissed me off ... disseminating unsubstantiated bullshit

    1. You need to read the books found in India about their knowledge of flight, actually there is a lot of information about the high civilizations of the past, mostly found in ancient books, however they are being republished by more recent authors. Things are not what we were taught in school. Actually they are far more interesting and enlightening. Good luck in your search, it is worth your time,

    2. Watch Ancient Aliens, they built a full scale replica, and it flew.

  4. Every word is true!

  5. Seriously we have no idea whats is out there..we havent been there..every1 view is just there opinion when infact there is really no basis for 95% of what ppl say dont judge a book by its cover

  6. Photos of temples as taken by US probes should have been given.and why temples,were not those Allantisians aliens and trading against gold is a bit strange.

  7. Egypt? Is this man serious? That ancient land was not even called Egypt so that leads me to believe this article was written by a phoney. I think it more likely that Atlantis which was in the 'Atlantic' ocean had an advanced civilisation far beyond any alternative researchers ability to fathom and had a bases throughout the earth and quite possibly had an Atlantic base on Mars itself. And again with the temples meme. Are researchers that collectively dull that every ancient site is a flipping Temple. Did advanced ancients have nothing better to do than pray? No idea!


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