4 Steps to Bring Balance in Your Life

Sometimes we just lose control: one day we wake up and see a burned out stranger in the mirror. With our hectic, fast-paced modern lifestyle...

Sometimes we just lose control: one day we wake up and see a burned out stranger in the mirror. With our hectic, fast-paced modern lifestyles, it’s easy to overlook many of the important things that matter if you need to stay healthy. If you’re wondering about how to balance your life, then check out these no-nonsense tips.

1. Leave the workplace on time

Many people these days, what with the specter of recession and massive layoffs just beckoning from a short distance, tend to put in longer and longer hours at work — either to earn more or to prove to the powers-that-be their worth as employees. But this can have a huge toll on your health and personal relationships.

By leaving the workplace later than you ought to, you are taking time away from what can be more important things: time with your loved ones, a few hours in the evening that you’re supposed to be spending destressing or unwinding, recharging from all the burn out.

The matter of how to balance your life starts with effective time management: try to focus on your work during the day, accomplish tasks sooner than they’re needed, increase your efficiency during the set work hours knowing that once the clock hits 5, you will have to stop and attend to your own emotional, physical and psychic needs.

2. Re-examine your activities and drop the useless ones

This is also similar to choosing your battles: you don’t have to take part in every engagement that comes your way. All of us are given with 24 hours each day to live our lives, and we can’t cram so many things within that limited span of time.

If you’ve come to the point in which you’re deeply pondering ways on how to balance your life, then it’s high time you examined the things you do and drop those that add no value whatsoever to your life.

For example, you may be spending too much time with people who have nothing but a negative outlook about the world, or maybe you’re wasting time gossiping about other people’s lives.

More commonly, you may have been constantly checking out your friends’ status on social networking sites every five minutes or reading and sending tweets that are actually worthless and unimportant and merely sap your time and energy. Rethink and limit the time you waste on these unhelpful activities.

3. Always have time for exercise
You may wonder, “How can I have time for exercise when I already don’t have enough time for most things?” 
The answer is simply: exercise increases your energy, which consequently means you’ll be more efficient in completing your work tasks and meeting your deadline.

It is a no-brainer: you can only accomplish things when you’re healthy. Forego exercise and your performance severely degrades overtime until the pile-up ultimately leaves your life in shambles.

You don’t have to really spend several hours each day exercising just to meet your “how to balance your life” goals: the result of studies indicate that jogging as little as one hour each week can have a significant impact on your health. Even walking 15 minutes each morning is good, and once it becomes a habit, everything becomes easier.

4. Meditate

If you’re beginning to feel like life is a whirling dervish passing by before you, then it’s time to take a few steps back and meditate. Morgan Freeman said in the film Million Dollar Baby,
“Sometimes you have to take one step back in order to move two steps forward.”
Meditation allows you to rethink your life and regain your center. It also eliminates stress and leaves you with a deep sense of well-being. The results of numerous studies suggest that meditation actually boosts the body’s production of major neurochemicals responsible in keeping our mood stable and our sense of order in the universe intact.

Reference: Operation Meditation;

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