DuPont Heir Addmitted in Court to Have Raped His Children for Years, but Received NO JAIL Time

Robert H. Richards IV, 47,  is a heir of the chemical giant DuPont and a proven pedophile by a court...

Robert H. Richards IV, 47,  is a heir of the chemical giant DuPont and a proven pedophile by a court of law, yet he was never sentenced to jail.

Even though Richards IV pleaded guilty to fourth-degree rape of his 3-year-old daughter, back in 2008, the Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden decided to release him on probation.

The lawsuit also asserts that Richards IV admitted in April 2010, during a lie detector test, to have sexually abused his son as well. According to his confession, the assaults begun around December 2005, when his son was only 19 months old, and continued for about two years. [1]

Presuming that the Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden made a mistake when she first released this sick child rapist on probation, the second confession should have been enough to sentence him to decades behind bars.

But that's not how things work when you are a member of the world's "elite." Robert H. Richards IV (above) is still free today, after promising not to rape his son again.
Richards allegedly told his examiner: "Whatever I did to my son, I will never do it again." [2]
If this sounds like a bad joke to you, then you are not alone.

Actually, this case would have been forever buried if the children's mother, Tracy Richards, wouldn't have filled a new lawsuit seeking monetary damages for their personal injuries.
"This self-confessed, admitted rapist and child abuser didn't go to jail, and, in fact, he stays in luxury where he has always been," attorney Thomas C. Crumplar, who represents the children and Richards' ex-wife Tracy, said during a news conference Tuesday. [3]
According to Crumplar, Tracy Richards is now worried that her former husband might have sexually abused other children as well.
"She is worried that her children may not have been the first to be abused by her husband, he had been a camp counselor before, so she calls upon anyone who may know anything about Robert H. Richards IV to come forward to help her, her children and any other victims," attorney Crumplar added. [3]
Must-read book: "The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska";

By Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com; | References: [1] USA Today; [2] Delaware Online; [3] NBC Philadelphia;

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  1. Things will get unbelievable worst as time nears the total end of these diabolical forces governing mainstream’s judicial systems .. their power is given to them from behind the veil by the satanic elite .. . but the upper tier of controlling levels where head honchos set are being pushed down one layer at a time … and they are angry and not really caring any more about hiding their faces of power … and no longer troubled by the threat of mainstream knowing what they are doing … and they will do everything they can to turn mainstream against mainstream .. to put fear in hearts .. excite political rivals .. ANYTHING the excite negative energy …

    Our only defense is staying in ways of Positive Light so IN that field of Karmetic Positive Energy .. our presence is known from a distance … and our safety can be looked after by those put in place to watch over us through these times … the negative elite work diligently in fields of negative energy … and the Positive elite work in fields of Positive Energy …


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