The Videogame Reality - Part II

The Videogame Reality that is our Universe of Serious Pain and Suffering at the Behest of “Lost” Higher Energies Lower Densities, “Dark” and...

The Videogame Reality that is our Universe of Serious Pain and Suffering at the Behest of “Lost” Higher Energies Lower Densities, “Dark” and “Light”

Before proceeding, please read part one here.

(German) Change, both quality, quantity and rate, if not adapted to the corresponding Reality can cause grave imbalance, disharmony, unrest and instability, thereby diminishing for the lower energy higher density Realities’ potential for living and thriving in love and joy with Intelligence in Divine Heart or the higher energy lower density Realities’ existence in the spirit of Divine Heart with the potential of Bliss, Peace and Harmony with Balance and Relative Stability.

"They" control the five senses reality - The awakened ones see the deception
What has thwarted change in an inherently GOOD manner throughout all existences has been the need, thirst and LUST for exercising INLFUENCE and wielding POWER, with the higher energy lower density realities not developing a stable sense of TRUE RESPECT, Respect for Self or Respect for Others, focusing thus on INTRIGUE, CONNINVING, COLLUDING, CONTRIVING and CONSPIRACY, be it concealed, sublime or overt, SABOTAGING, SUBVERTING and SUPPLANTING, ALL with an EON’S-OLD unrefined excuse, that most are not ready for the exercise of Free Will, for conscientiousness and responsibility is/was sorely lacking, sorely lacking because SUBVERSION, SABOTAGE and the SUPPLANTING, especially of other Realities, had become a FINE ART, so REFINED, ORGANIZED and ORCHESTRATED in its expression that the wielders of said POWER transformed it into POWER.

Nothing like seeking out the LOWEST GOOD or the HIGHEST BAD for the next Being in order for control potentially not to be an issue to continue to concentrate and perpetuate one’s own sense of non-Being yet being, a so called SAD EXCUSE for an EXISTENCE, yet there are always reasons, not that they are excuses, per say, but at least they may explain the Sadness of Being at some high energy low density Reality, one of the important ones being instability of form due to formrelated stress.

When a structure created in goodness or with Divine Heart is beset by poor surrounding principles, an incessant need to CONTROL ALL may ensue, meaning that the need to exercise influence and power potentially flow from the same.

To the extent that conniving, colluding, contriving, conspiring, sabotaging and subversion translated into greater Control, it was actively sought.

"There is no spoon"
The constant collusion, conniving and contriving as an EXISTENCE, a life-form in “eternal” life, in order to express one’s pOWER and iNFLUENCE has led to ceaseless strife between increasing Lost Light and Lost Dark, both are misnomers for BOTH are DASTARDLY, DISASTEROUS, DISTURBING, PERTURBING, PERVERTING and DISTORTING of ESSENCE, indeed most PROFOUNDLY DISRESPECTFUL of ESSENCE, Self and ALL, and potentially propagate the PERNICINE (pernicious and Internecine), not Bad, most regrettably (vide Rodrigo Romo’s work for a glimpse of the intrigue and a notion of the need for the incessant exercise and expression to overwhelm the other).

Living under the constant subtle perception of threat, conscious or subdued conscious, has been a reality for many different lower density higher energy Realities, in particular, the Lost Dark with perfectly timed electrocuting Straight-Jackets, the Lost Light without straightjackets, apparently “free”, but most of them cultivating the Truly Unruly Undisciplined but Disciplined, through subtle implicit threat, frenzied distraught HATRED-RIDDEN berserk persistent Energetic “Bird Brain” Shamanic Being Dominated attitude, ALL SUFFERING in their own way, yet not knowing TRUE Suffering and Pain in the Higher Density Reality, although no one would care to contemplate an ever-lasting hatred possessed and driven eternal existence.

The Means justify the End is far more likely in High Energy Low Density Reality where there is Existence, which means "Eternity", for the potential consequence within that Reality has far greater latitude before Pain and Suffering ensue.

In other words, the intolerable within a High Energy Low Density Reality with Existence will potentially have greater latitude and also arise over a greater time-span.

With Existence, an attitude of ever so SLOWLY, LEAKING warping/molding energies can imperceptibly be introduced into Beings in order to warp and/or mold them, thereby distorting their essence!

"Desired" Rate of change of EXPRESSION can be effected without NOTICE in various ways - initial SERIOUS onslaught so as to numb both Being and Being's Mind and Heart, or facet thereof, with subsequent barely perceptible, but "acceptable" incremental Distortion of Being and Being's Mind and Heart, or facet thereof, introduced, these are the ways of the LOST and DISTURBED Dark, for it is and was not the evolution of the Human form which had the privilege of CONSEQUENCE and EVOLUTION in the ongoing Creation of Beings resulting from the EXPRESSION of Divine Heart at a different energy level serving as Natural Mold of Being over many different life-times in the incarnate.

Truly unruly undisciplined yet military disciplined highly focused frenzied distraught seriously irritated hatred-ridden berserk pseudo-intelligent persistent energetic Beings, unlike many of the conniving conspiring mis-creations in the high energy low density realities, representing the Lost Light, seriously LOST, with no concept of self, with a hidden fear of existence and an absolute need to distract the mind with a true hidden need to cease to exist, nihilistic with regards to Self and Others, all-knowing unknowing, ever enhancing disregard for self and all with an ingrained genuine HATRED of all those whom they cannot control and dominate or, that failing, annihilate, beings where the concept of TRUTH has ceased to exist, never mind purity of Being or integrity if Being which are PERFECTLY ALIEN.

Mis-representation and mis-representing is a past-time, a form of Being which has enabled the continuing exercise of influence and the wielding of power, or rather POWER. It also is an “art-form”.

"I know you're out there. I can feel you now."
God Willing, ill-conceived Forms of Being and, in particular, their respective origins of Distortion of Being and Mis-Representation, intentional or not, shall increasingly be attended to and/or cease to exist, as indeed the inherent concepts of IMPUNITY with irresponsible, senseless, oft linked to Self-Centeredness, SELF-IMPORTANCE and SELF-SERVING in the EXTREME, impinging and imposing at the fore without REGARD for consequence to all WHATSOEVER.

God-Willing, Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony and Balance shall prevail, ever greater Understanding, Empathy and Compassion with Tolerance and Prudence at all levels of existence being paramount.

By Anonymous PhD, HumansAreFree.com; | Images: "They Live" film; "The Matrix" film;

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