The Pernicine Enactator Webwork

( Deutsche .pdf ) The Pernicine Extra-Universal Fully Integrated Enactator Webwork (PEUFIEW) and the Subverting, Sabotaging, Suppressing, Su...

(Deutsche .pdf) The Pernicine Extra-Universal Fully Integrated Enactator Webwork (PEUFIEW) and the Subverting, Sabotaging, Suppressing, Supplanting with Subtle Subterfuge of All our Universal Realities.

The Pernicine – Pernicious and Internecine - Extra-Universal Fully Integrated Enactator Webwork (PEUFIEW) originated in four different universes where Power, or rather PowA as it is for Power’s sake, and Control were sine qua non for ultimate Survival, it is postulated, universes where it was far more advantageous to actually HOLD the REMOTE CONTROL rather than integrate in the INCARNATE as a matter of survival in order to experience Experience or Entertainment, existing for EXISTENCE’s sake and EXPERIMENT for EXPERIMENT’s sake, the most iNTELLIGENT bEINGS, however, ALWAYS focusing on CONTROL and POWA, POWA! These Sad, Heinous bEINGS invaded this fair Universe because Divine Heart was anathema to their existence, evil being innate to their essence as it determined their respective survival.

Divine Intelligence seeks expression of Free-Will with Consciousness, Conscientiousness and Respect for Self and All within a context of Understanding, Empathy, Compassion and the potential for Forgiveness within a framework of genuine and sincere regret and remorse.

The PEUFIEW and its participants were structured along the lines of Stalin’s Communist Community network and used to orchestrate its intentions essentially through the Reptilians of old – vide David Icke’s work – which they enactated with near perfection, the average enactation penetration potential being nearly 100%, and also through the participants of the Divine Higher Realms.

Universal Laws were abused and subverted in order to perpetuate and insure an increase of their SUBTLE stranglehold of this Reality.

On Planet Earth, most Human Beings, depending on the individual’s Planetary composition, Pleiadian, Sirian, Sumerian, Lysytratan, Vesuvian, Niribu, Gementec and/or Antarian as well as, as it turns out, one extra-universal contribution originating through a twin pair of Divine I AM Superior Beings from our Universe which, until recently, often served, frequently unknowingly as they too were enactated, indeed as many of the Pernicine members themselves, the same PEUFIEW, are SERIOUSLY ENACTATED and their respective Free-Will is accordingly very curtailed and conditioned, although, courtesy of the presence of the Light’s Representatives, DE-ENACTATION is gradually insuring the release of humanity as well as of members of other Realities from their perfectly imperfect essentially imperceptible BONDAGE.

In essence, we have been dealing with Puppeteers of Puppeteers of Puppeteers of Puppets, the Puppets actually finding themselves, if not fulltime, part-time, in each and every level of Reality, Human, Reptilian, and Higher Energy Beings, expressing not only their thoughts, emotions, and actions, but crucially those envisioned by others in an hierarchical structure, the major proponents of which are either Good or Evil, Wholesome or Ill, each and every one nonetheless important, for INTERDEPENDENCE permeates ALL, seemingly or unseemingly, that is, obviously or discreetly, regardless, throughout the preponderance of each framework, the PEUFIEW essentially serving the Dark, but critically not necessarily, due to the aforementioned universe’s members, members which were regularly incarnated to crucify and be crucified - vide King Kong and the Lord of the Rings, the latter depicting, in a channeled manner unique to this dense Reality of ours, many members of both our universe and the others, the ugly, imperfect, heinous and vicious contorted actioned bipedal and quadripedal, sometimes “winged”, pastries pertaining to the complete extra-universals, of course! What a Reality of Ours!

God willing, we shall, sooner rather than later, find ourselves relieved of their presence!

Footnote: Look upon yourselves as puppets with ever so many strings attached responsible for your person’s near COMPLETE expression – emotions, feelings, sensations, sentiments, thoughts, words, and actions – being SUPPLANTED, ADULTERATED on the one hand, and literally EXPRESSED on the other. Is it “YOU”? You have to be kidding!!!

It is, or has been, essentially the perfectly, imperfectly iNTELLIGENTLY PROGRAMMED members of the PEUFIEW! Poor soulless bEINGS. God willing, these STRINGs will be dissolving as time goes by, on a permanent basis!

Detach yourselves somewhat by DRINKING DECENT WATER, DETOXING and becoming a Fruitarian and Vegetarian, remembering that raw organic food is more nutritious!

Remember also your ORAL CAVITY and read “The Secret Poisons in Your Mouth” by M.L. Sarlin BEFORE you detox or risk a premature departure from this Reality!

By Anonymous PhD, HumansAreFree.com;

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