STOP Denmark's Annual Whale and Dolphin Slaughter - Your Help Required

The Faroe Islands are a group of islands just North of Europe, and are home to a tradition that sees whales and dolphins driven ashore by bo...

The Faroe Islands are a group of islands just North of Europe, and are home to a tradition that sees whales and dolphins driven ashore by boats, in order to be tortured and slaughtered.

Ironically the Faroe Islands are a part of Denmark, where whaling is banned.

Unfortunately, the Islands have laws that are independent of Denmark’s, which allow this type of thing to continue.

On August 8th, 2013 107 Long-finned Pilot whales were slaughtered in Sandvagur, on Vagar Island. On August 11th 21 were butchered in Leynar and on August 13, 135 lost their lives in Husavik.

The “whale drive” tradition has a recorded history since 1584, and there are 23 whaling bays assigned to six districts in which the meat and blubber are divided.  The whales and dolphins are driven into a bay with boats and jet skis. 430 Atlantic White-sides dolphins were also murdered on August 13th.

Sea Shepherd has run campaigns to stop the slaughter since 1985, and during 2011 Operation Ferocious Isles was successful, not a single whale was killed while Sea Shepherd was on patrol.

The more we bring awareness to this, the better chance it has to completely stop. Not to mention the consciousness of the planet is shifting, and not as many people desire to participate in these things as they did before.

Organizers and participants of the whale hunting event might still have to face litigation. Denmark, as mentioned earlier has banned this type of behavior, and the Faroe Islands are a part of Denmark.

Although the Faroe Islands have some independence, they are still in violation of three conventions it has signed where it vowed to do everything within its capacity to protect whales.

As a result, Sea Shepherd France is bringing the matter to the European Commission in order to compel Denmark to enforce these obligations and act to uphold them.

Take action, you can help to stop this tradition on the Faroe Islands. To do so, click here, it’s really easy and simple.

Apart from taking action you can also contact the Danish Foreign Ministry directly with your complains. Every little bit helps. The more the world opposes this, the quicker it stops. Whales and dolphins are extremely loving, altruistic and intelligent.

I do not want to go into detail of how this is done and the pictures are hard to look at (that's why I have refrained from publishing them). It’s extremely heart breaking, and can take you to a dark place.

These dark places can springboard you into your light, and help us realize that there is always something we can do. It doesn’t do us any good to sit around and watch things we cannot bare. We have so much to learn from these animals and we are not meant to murder them like this.

Co-existing in harmony and balance with others on this planet is vital if we want to move forward.

Thank you Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution;

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