4 Steps to Overcome Fear

Have you been in a situation when you are too numbed to speak because you are shaking out of fear? You may be facing a real threat or you ma...

Have you been in a situation when you are too numbed to speak because you are shaking out of fear? You may be facing a real threat or you may be simply afraid of an unknown possibility. Whatever is it that brings you fear should be dealt with head on.

Fear is a serious and paralyzing emotion that may even result in permanent damages in a person’s life or mind set. It is such a strong feeling that nobody in his or her lifetime can say that he or she has not experienced it.

But, here is good news: you can overcome fear naturally and effectively. Fear can be eliminated if you develop self-confidence; make friends; know life’s realities; and meditate on the essentials.

4. Develop Self Confidence

Having confidence is one’s self is one of the greatest assets or achievements of humans. This is made possible by objectively identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Psychological and aptitude tests can help you know your own capabilities and tendencies. You can also seek expert advice in matters of increasing your self-image that leads to positive outlook.

When you know yourself fairly well, you will learn to adjust and cope with life’s challenges. You will be able to distinguish a real problem from an imagined threat. In this way, you do not easily become swayed by anything unknown or unpredictable because you know your own self and you are confident that you can overcome any given challenge.

3. Make Friends

Reach out and open yourself to people while being cautious to choose the real and trustworthy ones. Friends are catalysts that help you bring out inner qualities that you possess that you may not even be aware of. Your friends allow you to exercise your natural emotions such as love, happiness, peace, anger and even frustrations. Since you are able to share similar feelings together, you feel accepted and confident.

The feeling of belonging and being part of a group or family drives away negative emotions such as fear. You are able to face difficulties with an assurance that you are not alone. Moreover, you know that there are people who will back you up if things go awry.

2. Know Life’s Realities

Be teachable and open. Learn the facts from life; that it is not always a bed of roses. Bear in mind that there are always two sides of the coin. Life can sometimes be good or bad; happy or sad; up or down. It is important to understand that life is always coupled with challenges and tests; and these are essential ingredients for you to grow.

With this knowledge in mind, you become more ready and stronger to face every unpleasant situation that may come your way with confidence that somehow it will bring positive results. When you acknowledge that life is never easy, you can develop ways of problem solving and positive outlook.

1. Meditate on the Essentials

Finally and most importantly, control your mind by meditation. The process of emptying your mind of the non-essentials that threaten and clutter it is applicable to everybody, both young and old.

Release the negative thoughts and focus only on the good, the true, and the beautiful. In other words, do not allow negative thoughts to control you. In so doing, you will be able to think clearly and see things more objectively.

Fear is often conceived in the mind. Most often fear that is a by-product of worry is first triggered by a negative thought. Questions such as “what if” only bring your thoughts to wonder to the point that you begin to be confused with what is possible or imaginary.

The downside of too much thinking and analyzing of one’s condition and circumstance can result in fear; so it is wise to focus only on what is real and on worthwhile thoughts.

Source: Operation Meditation;

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