Finding the Meaning of Life

It is likely, that at some point, everyone has asked themselves this question. But, all too often, people become distracted from what may ...

It is likely, that at some point, everyone has asked themselves this question.

But, all too often, people become distracted from what may be the core of their reality by the clamoring world around them.

Everyone has responsibilities that may not always be in tune with what they really want to do, and it is often this constant busy-ness that keeps us too focused on the basic material world rather than the larger picture.

However, the phrase “You can run, but you can’t hide”, especially as it pertains to our real goal and mission in life, comes rushing up at us from time to time and makes us wonder whether we have actually been living as we should.

Quote: Pablo Picasso | Picture: Africa Yoga Project;

The meaning of your life will depend, in part, on what kind of goals you have set for yourself. While some people may seek spiritual enlightenment or artistic expression, you may simply be looking to be happy. It is probable that even those who choose ‘money, money, money’ as the meaning of their life will actually be seeking happiness. Because you may tend to throw so many roadblocks in the way of finding happiness, you may find yourself disappointed.

If you find yourself floundering around, trying to find out what the meaning of life really is, it may be time for some introspection. You can think of your life as a garden that you intended to be carefully planted with the most beautiful flowers, but instead of daisies and lilies, you find the garden overcome with noxious weeds. The weeds may have crowded out and overshadowed what you had hoped to achieve, and these weeds can include:
• Greed
• Jealousy
• Anger
• Continuous work
• Conflicts within the family
These and other distractions can draw you away from the true meaning of your life and leave you unfulfilled and feeling that you have missed out on something very important. People reaching middle age are often plagued by these thoughts, and wonder what could have happened to the idealistic youth that they once were.

Turning Your Life Around

It’s really never too late to recover your search for the meaning of life, and many people have taken the time to step back from their hectic lifestyle and take a long, hard look at where they have been and where they are going. In many cases, people have been able to ‘find’ themselves and get more enjoyment out of life and those to whom they are close.

1. Retreats and pilgrimages can help break the workaday cycle and give you a chance to settle your mind and body. Both religious and secular retreats are available where you can put aside the cares you have been obsessed with and calm down. Getting away from home, family, and work can let you slow down and start to appreciate yourself and the world around you.

Taking a pilgrimage to a shrine or other meaningful religious spot can also help you to discover the meaning of life. Getting your mind off the worldly to the spiritual can help you to realize what is really important. Secular retreats will often help you get in touch with the beauty of the natural world.

2. Because the meaning of life actually lies within each of us, meditation is a good way to help you reach a better understanding of this and yourself. Learning to relax and focus out the surrounding world will bring you a sense of peace. It will enable you to open a quiet internal dialog that doesn’t need words and can help you to appreciate yourself and your family better.

3. Become involved in the needs of others. Volunteer to work with those less fortunate – this can often assist you in finding more meaning in your own life. Often, once you put aside your own needs, you will find that your life has much more meaning and direction.

By Operation Meditation; | Picture: Africa Yoga Project;

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