"iPhone 5s Fingerprint Database Links To U.S Govt." -- Anonymous Claim They Can Prove It

Anonymous group of hackers released a video in which they stated links between iPhone 5S TouchID and US gov biometric database, they tried e...

Anonymous group of hackers released a video in which they stated links between iPhone 5S TouchID and US gov biometric database, they tried every possible evidence to make you believe about the relation between iPhone 5s Fingerprint Database and U.S Govt. 

Anonymous claim,

“Apple’s TouchID technology has strong links to the NSA and FBI, as well as a massive biometric database the US government is building.”

In the Video Anonymous state that the possible evidence are based on the investigation of Barret Brown and in a pastebin report, Anonymous explored all the evidence step-by-step.

Video starts with the following statement:
"Greeting citizens of the world. Anonymous humbly presents you with this special report. Contrary to what a popular hacking contest would have you believe, the primary risk involved with the iPhone5S' ID scanner has nothing to do with a stranger lifting your fingerprint from a beer stein."
Anonymous state four claims to prove "links between iPhone 5S TouchID and US gov biometric database."

1. AuthenTec deep ties with:  

Anonymous also indicate in the video about the AuthenTec, which was purchased by Apple last year in order to gain the Touch ID technology, had extremely deep ties to the most powerful and corrupt Defense Department and Intelligence Community contractors and figures.

Video also steer doubt to the history of previous Chairman of the Board at AuthenTec ‘Robert E. Grady’, who was a prominent figure in the George Bush administration, as well as a speechwriter for Bush senior. 

Furthermore, video explore more about the  ’Robert E. Grady’ that he was a lead partner too in investment group The Carlyle Group which, as well as previously owning AuthenTec, is the majority shareholder of Booz Allen Hamilton, the NSA contractor which employed Edward Snowden. Grady has since left the Carlyle Group.

2. AuthenTec’s corrupt Board of Directors: 

Video says, AuthenTec’s corrupt Board of Directors may have violated the fiduciary trust of its shareholders to make only Apple—would be able to purchase the company. 

3. Why “Apple” was selected to launch AuthenTec’s biometric technology:

Another thing—Anonymous stated in the video is, 
“the real reason why the Intelligence Community was so keen on Apple launching AuthenTec’s biometric technology is because anything Apple touches automatically becomes über cool.” 
4. Mantech’s documents hacked by Anonymous in 2010: 

Video states last possible evidence—the Mantech’s documents which were hacked by Anonymous in 2010 reflect that United States military and the FBI have collaborated to build a massive database of biometric information. Besides Apple, companies like Disney and Facebook have been major intelligence community partners in pioneering the widespread use of biometric collection tools like facial recognition technology. Video ends with:
"While the FBI has made great efforts to shut down Anonymous, Anonymous will not be silenced. Anonymous will continue to fulfill our appointed duty to inform citizens of the world of governmental and corporate corruption. Anonymous will continue to fight for the ideal of a free and uncorrupted Internet and for a world without megastalkers."
Source: Hackers News Bulletin;

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